XAUUSD – GOLD has to decide

FX_IDC:XAUUSD   Gold Spot / U.S. Dollar
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XAUUSD – GOLD has to decide

Trend: Sell/ Neutral

Price now: 1560.17

R3: 1588.15
R2: 1577.45
R1: 1563.08
S1: 1555.12
S2: 1540.16
S3: 1531.75

Price action:
Overall flow on xauusd is bullish , but that doesn't mean the price can go deeper then it did. Price of gold is at decisional point between 1563.08 resistance level and 1555.12 support level . Once one side will break one of these price action levels we can go with the flow. We'd be carrefull especially at selling because of overall bullish flow. On the other side if bulls are able to break first resistance, then we might easily see following buyers targets.

Potencial trade idea:

Bulls targets:
T1: 1577.45
T2: 1588.15
Bears targets:
T1: 1540.16
T2: 1531.75

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Trade closed: target reached