Bitcoin Weekly Screaming "TOOOOOP!"

KRAKEN:XBTEUR   Bitcoin / Euro
Can you hear it...?

Blue horizontals mark possible support levels for the coming 10 days....

Happy Dumping!

(Full Disclosure: I DO NOT trade Bitcoin )
Comment: When zooming out, it becomes even more obvious...

Comment: #Doable... (February 2017)

Comment: Looks like Bert is heading to triple bottom...

Comment: Taking into account that the ETH chart looks rather bearish here as well, Bert going for another ponzi spike up is most def also doable. Best trade, no trade... Waiting for clear picture /better opp.

Comment: Alright... More ponzi it is then. Bon Voyage & Good Luck!

Comment: The Bitcoin chart is truning more and more a complete joke. Dunno what to say to this daily opening... Leaves me kinda speechless.

Comment: Last nail in the coffin... Bert failed again to open weekly above major resistance.

Comment: The weekly looks pretty rekt up by now...

Comment: Dropped out of uptrend which started on 2016-05-23.

Comment: Magnified...