BITMEX:XBTUSD   Bitcoin / US Dollar Perpetual Inverse Swap Contract

Market extremly high risk please be aware from it these days and bitcoin playing the uptrend now with a tricky movments will crack scalpers

i have been studying all indicators and both sides possibilites to avoid the rekt and to clear out things ..

current wave on daily (C) that targeting 5k areas
golden cross sucssesfuly initiated between 200 ema and 50 ema (4h frame)
resistance line been broken to the upward and daily closed above it yesterday which is bullish sign

now the suggestion :
long from above points the mentioned max 3 to 5 x
and as it shown on chart please dont play high leverages as it could be also a trap so your losses will be not bad and you are laddering above points (mentioned on chart)

iam completley bullish but i am also aware of bulltraps as we are still under the trend on weekly so we have to be careful of wxyxz
i also mentioned that on chart

here i can only suggest the invesmtent idea which is more safe than scalping laddering the way down to 3550 which i dont expect it could go there but in case happened .. i already kept some of your capital to buy these points

stop losses depending on trader but as im looking to this chart this shouldn't break 3550ish ( note: might not visit these areas but in case it did u are aware of it and u have the solution to buy it as i splitted the capital on different points //

this is the final idea for the mean time for me ..
im not shorting it ,,even i know its gonna correct but these momentums are crazy and if any one wanna short it please dont play all in and low leverage recommended with tight stop above the 3990 .. u will be targeting 3728-3800 ish areas ..

best of luck and hit me up if u need my help