How Much Money You Can Make from Trading?

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How much money you can make from trading in different markets and using different trading styles? Such a question is rather popular among novice traders and in this post, I want to provide you my vision.

Here is an estimated profit per month:
Forex Market
- short term trading 5-10%
- swing trading 3-5%
- position trading 1-3%

Crypto Market
- short term trading 10-15%
- swing trading 5-10%
- position trading 3-5%

Stock Trading
- short trading 50-100%
- swing trading 10-15%
- position trading 5-10%

Maybe you think I'm wrong and some markets and trading styles can give much more profit. Well, it can be like this. I just share my personal idea which is based on the information and knowledge I have. Also, I took into consideration that the market conditions can be too important for crypto traders and for investors in Stock and Forex markets. I tried to calculate an average value based on different market conditions.

I think the numbers are reachable for any trader. Of course for those who spent their time and effort on building the solid basis of knowledge and who gained the right experience. If you are a lazy trader, who searches for premium trading service only and who doesn't respect the power of knowledge, you should forget about these numbers. If you stay at the breakeven after such trading, be sure that you are a lucky man. Many novice traders blew up their accounts chasing good profit. Instead of investing money and time in improving themselves as traders, they picked the wrong way.

Don't be like the majority of traders, respect knowledge and experience and you will succeed in trading. It is just the question of time!
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