Fib Spiral/Retracement Idea forming Bearish Gartley

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I decided to develop a new system with incorrect usage of fib spirals to determine chart trends. BTC respecting spiral trend lines leads me to believe that a Bearish Gartley is occurring due to BTC following the spiral fib trend lines while respecting fib-retracement trend lines . This discovery allowed me to notice a pattern which could potentially be correct due to the 9100 CME gap and fib-retracement line in the same area.

Also, I accidentally posted this as private a few hours ago.
Initial progress: https://imgur.com/a/hkOXb11

Disclaimer: This analysis could be completely wrong as I am a less experienced trader. =]
Comment: Was not a bearish gartley unfortunately, still proud of how it reacts to spiral trend lines though, especially on higher time frames in a few private ideas I have.


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Dale_G Sangfroid_fr
@Sangfroid_fr, not wrong, think of it as a map from top down view. Looking at a road map basically. =]