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There is something going on right in front of our faces, yet most people aren't mentioning it.
The timing of everything. So coincidental allllllll kinds of things are happening at the same time.
The Stock Market. Volumes. The meme-triangle. Tether. Big institutions declaring entry into Crypto.
Bitcoin goes in cycles. Check daily/weekly alt charts. Most are entering long-term bullish territory.
THEY will show you which cycle just finished and which one is already starting.

If you were an institution, what would be your most efficient course of entry into this market? Buying at $10k? $8k? Buying at $6k? No, let me explain it.

1) You raise the market into your shorts.
2) You dump the market into your longs.
3) Make sure there is enough range to acquire a hefty profit each time you do it.
4) Repeat.

Now all the sudden, the higher lows have drove us into the $6k floor, and there is ZERO volatility for 2 weeks AFTER a MASSIVE 2-hour rally on USDT exchanges, with the minor exception of a $200 or so dump.
It also just coincidentally happens to be that US markets are dumping like a teenager cheating on his fist girlfriend.
AT THE SAME TIME as the apex of the meme triangle. Doesn't that seem coincidental?

If hypothetically speaking, the market is AT bottom, and as an institution, you're satisfied with the amount of BTC you've accumulated for future customer needs...
What do you do next? MAKE MORE MONEY! And people wonder where Bitcoin volumes have been going..
Comment: People, wake up.
When institutions they said?
It'll be fun they said!
Does anyone truly believe they'd announce their presence RIGHT as they enter? Common!
They're HERE ALREADY. Right under your nose. They've been here all along.
THEY are the reason prices are this low.
THEY buy oversold, sell overbought, in ANY MARKET.
THEY are the reason $6k won't break.
THEY are the reason alts are going hard in the paint.
Check the correlation between any time in history Bitcoin was at or near oversold, and what the DJI did leading up to that moment/following that moment.

Do people *truly* believe smart money is only in precious metals?
Where are these HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS OF DOLLARS constantly going during these moments?
By longing/shorting the market, whales can accumulate without having to take the market to extremes.
You buy/sell OTC to move the market into your Bitmex/Finex orders for cheap.
You stick 1/3 of your profit Bitcoin into a wallet to HODL and use the other 2/3 to move the market.
OR use that 1/3 to moon alts. Remember, these people are *true* whales.
Do some research on over the counter volumes right now. They are, and have been, SKYROCKETING.
You have to understand. There are many, many institutions all trying to get a piece of the pie, and quietly.
They compete with each other on the charts.
I'd bet that the reason we fell so dramatically from $7,400 was because someone got greedy.
Comment: Everyone is fully aware by now that low-cap alts have been outright MOONING, right? These low-cap alts are being picked for a reason - they're incredibly easy to move one direction because the orderbooks are razor thin. With low-cap alts you could theoretically turn a million dollars into well over hundreds of millions if you are an experienced trader/team from other markets. Moon the alt, wait for FOMO buyers, and slowly cash out. Repeat on a different alt.
I know this because I just recently became a victim of it.
What was once in Bitcoin is now in unknown alts, rising from the dead.
Where do you think this sudden influx of money/volume came from?

This could just be a theory, right? Well, let's back that up with facts.
Everyone is probably aware by now that Bitfinex no longer has majority pull in this market, right?
On Bitmex, you do not get paid in USDT or USD.
You acquire profit in BITCOIN/XBT.
Let me say that one more time.
You acquire **profit** in **BITCOIN**.
You acquire BITCOIN.
You *accumulate* BITCOIN.
Comment: FACTS on the chart:
1) There has been 8 total monthly candles since February, including the June panic low.
2) In June, we had an actual panic-low. A *real* selloff, followed by a bullish engulfing candle.
3) Only 2 of these 8 candles went below $6k.
4) Of those 2 occasions, the 1st one produced an engulfing bullish candle with the highest buy volume, IMMEDIATELY AFTER.
5) On the 2nd occasion, it created a massive bearish hammer which signals a pending possible reversal.
6) Ever since June, Bitcoin has had 4 MONTHS to form a lower low. We only wicked past $6k once.
7) The past 2 months in a row have produced bearish doji candles. Also known as possible reversal signals.
8) On the bullish candles for XBT, buy/long volume has done nothing but continually GO UP.
9) Starting on the 1st of August, sell/short volumes have done nothing but GO DOWN. Significantly.
10) Volume has been literally non-existent.

FACTS on the space as a whole:
2) Bakkt coming out in early December.
3) Fidelity saying they're entering the space.
4) The ETF has until latest I believe mid February to be decided upon.
(And a lot of people believe will finally be approved.)
5) 10 Year anniversary of the whitepaper of Bitcoin today.
6) 10 Year anniversary of the 2008 financial collapse.
7) Highest sell volume in the past 2 months in US Stock Markets to be seen in ... you guessed it, 10 years.
8) The year-long meme triangle we *were* in, in Bitcoin, is coming to an end.
9) In a few months, we will hit the long-term bull trendline (log scale) on Bitcoin.
10) Low/mid cap alts are flying off the shelves
11) Bitcoin is holding STRONG compared to the traditional markets.
Comment: Social media evidence regarding the US markets:
"The 10% correction, that has taken place in October 2018, is the forth largest stock market monthly drop since the year 2000. Here are the other monthly drops since 2000 that were over 10%:

September 2002-- 10.10% loss (During a dot com recession of the early 2000s)
October 2008- 17.48% loss (The month the investment banks went broke in the GREAT RECESSION)
February 2009- 10.53% loss (During the GREAT RECESSION)

This huge drop this month is not a simple stock market correction because it happened in such a short period of time and in a good economy. It is also very rare that the bond market drops too during a stock market correction like this month."

A quote from that topic:
“I'm not a market timer or chart analyst, but there is something different about this drop, because it's hard to see where the money is flowing to."
"it's hard to see where the money is flowing to."
Comment: Are people ingoring the significance of Bakkt?
How about the ETF?
Are people ignoring that on log-scale and normal scale, Bitcoin is technically in a MASSIVE multi-month bull flag?
Are people ignoring the log-scale falling wedge on purpose to deceive you by calling it a descending triangle?
Are people ignoring the fact that on February 5th, 2018, Bitcoin saw it's highest daily buy volume to be seen in years?
Are people ignoring the fact that on February 5th, 2018, the Dow Jones Index saw it's highest point-loss in HISTORY?
Are people ignoring the coincidental fact that we are now at the apex of the meme triangle in Bitcoin, and we're seeing the start of a potentially catastrophic correction in US markets?
Are people ignoring the fact that professional investors make peanuts in the Stock Market compared to what they *could* and *do* make in Crypto?
Are people ignoring the fact that many high-end alts have seen 90%+ corrections? WHY is that?
Are people ignoring the fact that Bitcoin futures have been closing consistently higher lows?
Are people ignoring the fact that Bitcoin's MACD has shown bullish divergence for the entire YEAR?
Are people ignoring the fact that there has been massive hidden buy orders at $6k, multiple times?
Have you people paid attention to the bot orders that suppress prices?
Have you people even heard of, or researched 'Spoofy'?
Have you people ever heard of buying/selling the order-book, and filling it with their orders? Why they do it?
Do you understand how professional-level investing works? (Buy oversold, sell overbought)
Do you understand that the US stock markets were recently all overbought?
Do you understand that the Dow Jones Index recently hit the highest overbought level in HISTORY?
What about the massive bearish divergence that proceeded it, and the effects it'll have in coming months?
What about the Tether FUD, could that have been mass reaccumulation? If so, the most expensive possible Bitcoin they could've bought is almost $8k. In the coming years, that'll be a steal if you think about the logistics.
Pretty coincidental timing too, eh?

To be clear, this is not a bullish post. We could go sideways for some time.
We could even dump. HARD.
Either way, something HUGE is coming, and a lot sooner than most expect.

Let me know what you think in the comments.
Comment: Happy birthday, Bitcoin.
Comment: Holy smokes, my buddy just pointed something out to me.

Bitcoin, in South Korea, is EXPLODING in volume.
This weekly candle shows MASSIVE volume compared to the one that moon'd Bitcoin a week ago, yet look at the price change. Almost non-existent.

Now, the monthly.

Why would Bitcoin volumes be skyrocketing there, while almost non-existent in USD?
Comment: Look at those candles compared to volume. omg
Google trends is showing interest again..
Comment: First time Bitcoin has closed 3 red monthly candles since 2015-
Right before a pump..
Comment: People- a perfect bearish hammer, followed by a bearish doji, followed by a bearish inverted hammer.
Comment: TUSD - an ascending triangle, a bullish formation.
Confirmed as resistance.
In this instance, in theory, it would mean TUSD dumps.
If TUSD dumps, it means Bitcoin pumps.

Bitfinex shorts dropping like flies.

Comment: My fault, didn't include TUSD.
Comment: Longing until $6,100 breaks. Exit point $9k
Trade active
Comment: $6,500+ inc?
Comment: Update below, say hi to $7,300 boys!!!!!!!


Great analysis! Keep up the good work mate. Nice to see you back
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@rylos, Thank you sir :) Glad to be here.
Very ncie work... Using TIME FIB im waiting 12 of november to buy everything:
TOP ;) openminded TA - clear... good job
@Hurdafilip, Thanks. I spent a lot of time thinking about this one, lol.
Great points! Thank you for sharing! Missed you!
@CryptoCashMama, Miss you too girly :) We should catch up some time.
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