XRP/BTC - Re-enter signal

-As long as the white and blue line are above the grey area in the back, you make more $BTC..
The USD chart for $XRP is looking bearish atm, XRP-BTC on the other hand looks like it wants to head higher in the coming weeks.

-IF $BTC starts to drop from current $3286 (binance) levels, then XRP will probably rise further.

For a bullish scenario we need the grey area (231 MA) to make a bowl shape (like it did between from Oct to Nov in the chart above), which will then indicate a jump in price possibly re-testing the 0.000010000 price levels (15% from current price) somewhere in Q1 of 2019.

-On a higher time-frame (343) we also have the white (7ma) and the blue (77ma) crossover: