I see a repeat of a patern formed 22nd December 2017

Now call me crazy but I just saw something which got my attention.

Dec 22, 2017 - Look at the pattern and compare it to what is possibly forming at the moment. I see great things for XRP in the second half of February 2018.

From where we are now, end on $0.83 the 13th, shoot to $0.94 the 16the and then to the moon.

I like what I see....
Feb 13
Comment: $1.00 is offering strong support for XRP at the moment but I still believe it will go down to $0.83 to get back in sync with BTC and ETH.

From there, building momentum and volume to break trough $1.12 then $1.21 and $1.32. This is by no means going to be a walk in the park breaking through these resistance levels but will definitely be easier if BTC and ETH can join the Bull run once back in sync again.

I have orders in at $0.87, $0.83 and $0.76. I doubt XRP will get lower than that.

I guess we'll have to wait and see.

Happy Trading!


How'd this work out for you?
Douglas15 london55555
@london55555, I actually made some good money. Doesn't matter whether a coin goes up or down, if you play it right you make money. Buy low, sell high. If it goes down, short and buy in at the bottom to increase the amount of coins you have, wait for a retracement and sell at a profit again.
london55555 Douglas15
@Douglas15, Of course you did - you just explained EXACTLY how and why 99.9% of all day/swing traders go flat broke and blow out their accounts.
Douglas15 london55555
@london55555, I am then very lucky to be in the .01% who actually didn't blow out my account and still continue trading to this day. It is all about keeping to your gameplay and keeping your emotions out of it - something you should try sometime judging by your posts.