People are blinded by LIES... Read this...

We can see a lovely resistance level that has been respected ( green line ) off this recent bounce we have seen a lovely bearish run today forcing price down to our support/resistance zone ( green box ) where we are expecting a lot of buying power to come into play and make a lovely bullish run.

The reasoning behind this was explained in our latest BTC post on our EN version of trading view, But we are expecting a market pump in the Crypto world due to a few big players coming out and saying Crypto is the future like Elon Musk ( owner of Tesla ) This is a clever tactic for these higher powers to make millions ( not that they need it ) because millions of people will buy these Cryptos which in turn will push the price higher, Then when the big players have decided they have made enough they will pull there billions from the market with a lovely profit... Then what happens yes the market crashes.... What do you think happened the 1st time the big market crash happened?

This is just human psychology, people are blinded by the bulls@#t that goes on around them, not just in trading but in everyday life... Open your eyes people and think outside the box!

So on this trade we are SHORT until our zone then LONG after that.