Significance of the interval 0.7788-0.8253

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(XRPUSDT chart)
XRP cannot be seen as expanding the coin ecosystem.

However, since the number of users is quite large, there is a need to be interested.

It is showing a large uptrend as it breaks above the volume profile section around 0.6070.

For uptrend-based Fibonacci ratios, the 0.7788-0.8253 zone is an important support and resistance zone.

Therefore, it is necessary to check whether it can be supported in the 0.7788-0.8253 range.

A break above the 1.0351-1.0409 zone is expected to resume the uptrend.

If this is not the case and it declines, you should check for support near 0.5455-0.6070.

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** Even if you know other people's know-how, it takes a considerable period of time to make it your own.

** This is a chart created with my know-how.

(XRPBTC chart)
I think you can refer to the BTC market chart to see if the uptrend is strong or weak within the coin market.

A worthwhile time frame chart for BTC market charting is the 1W chart.

(1W chart)
If the price stays above 0.0000 2275 to 0.0000 2354, it is considered to have broken out of the bottom.

So, you can see that the uptrend is getting stronger.
(XRPUSDT chart)
The HA-High indicator on the 1D chart was created at the 0.7425 point.

Therefore, it is necessary to check whether it is supported around 0.7144-0.7425.

If it finds support and rises on the HA-High indicator on the 1D chart, it is likely to break the previous high.

Looking at the 1W chart,
It looks like it broke through the uptrend channel.

Therefore, it is expected that this will lead to a movement to create a new channel.

If that move does not break below 0.5455-0.6070, I would expect it to continue its uptrend.

According to the explanation of the XRPBTC chart mentioned above, the key is whether it is supported around 0.0000 2275 ~ 0.0000 2354 of the XRPBTC chart.
(XRPBTC chart)
For BTC market charts, just look at the 1W chart.

The reason I looked at the current 1D chart is to identify periods of volatility.

Therefore, the next period of volatility is around August 19-25.

Upon finding support around 0.0000 2275 to 0.0000 2354 on the XRPBTC chart, a surge is expected.
(XRPBTC 1W chart)
It is falling in the range between 0.0000 2227 and 0.0000 2275, which is the range that needs to be supported.

We need to see if it can rise based on the week that includes August 14th, that is, the 3rd week of August.

(XRPUSDT chart)
Looking at the 1W chart, we can see that a volume profile is formed across the 0.5455-0.6070 range.

Also, the decline is looking to create the HA-High indicator on the 1W chart at the 0.5682 point.

So, if the decline continues, it will be important to find support in the 0.5455-0.6070 zone.

A decline near 0.6070 is expected to create a new HA-Low indicator on the 1D chart.

In that case, the key is whether it is supported near the point where the HA-Low indicator is created.

So, summed up, we can see that price needs to stay above the 0.5455-0.6070 zone to continue the uptrend.

Therefore, the 0.5455-0.6070 range corresponds to the buy range.
(XRPUSDT chart)
A volume profile section is formed across the 0.5455-0.6070 section.

Therefore, the key is whether it can rise with support around 0.5455-0.6070.

However, since the HA-High indicator on the 1W chart was created at the 0.5682 point, I think it is highly likely to touch the 0.5682 point.

Currently, the HA-Low indicator on the 1D chart is looking to form at the 0.6471 point.

Therefore, if it fails to rise above 0.6471, it is likely to break the previous latest low, so a cautious response is required.

If the price holds above 0.6471, the first selling zone is around 0.7425.
It is expected that the move to an upward trend has begun as it breaks above 0.4917.

The price needs to hold above 0.5123 to give strength to this move.

A sharp uptrend is likely to begin with a rise above 0.5690.


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