XRP Special Analysis HUGE BUY SIGNAL. Update

This is a possible reality. I could be wrong, but analysis tells me this.

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The system does not see a low-risk trade. According to my data, XRP should drop a little below 60 cents.
xrp and xlm look half done with movement right now.
I am not going to buy xrp when rsi is green. We need at least yellow or red.
Is the spd movement from the previous update valid? I do not know.
How this pattern will actually develop here is hard to say at the moment.
I could be wrong but This is a dangerous price pattern. Sell price slippage sps
Bitcoin doesn't look bad and doing it xrp wouldn't go down from here more. Or xrp gives a hint that bitcoin will fall. Complicated, We will soon see what the real truth is.
There is no indication that it will rise. At the moment, I set the area of decline at about 55 cents.
Given the speed of macd movement, it may be in the 00 area around the middle of next week. xrp may stop falling at this time.
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Nov 16 comment: xrp has reached the yellow area of rsi, probability that it will close in red(1d chart). The price may reach a support point in less than a week. Timing is very difficult to determine and easy to get wrong, but I always try.
Xrp touched a very minimal support point (0.586c) and then went up sharply. Makes the opinion that now we are going up and will not go down again, I don't think that is the case.

Note the macd indicator (12h) created with my settings.

Even if it goes up, it pulls itself back down and a big up straight is ineffective right here (These ups push themselves into the SPD area (support point down)).
This tells me that the bearish price pattern is still unfinished.
I could be wrong, but this could be quite a reality.

Overall, 60c is not a bad buy
Remember my material and analysis are 100% my own and do not contain anyone else's analysis or opinion. I don't follow anyone here and have no idea what others think and analyze.
Nothing special has changed.
xrp(and xlm) has minimally activated point b. We will boom when bitcoin is ready.
what level xrp lands at depends again on bitcoin.
The real truth is not far away.
I stress I could be wrong, but it is likely at the moment
I still haven't told myself the fall is over.
How does my updated xlm and btc analysis affect XRP? I don't know for sure.
Will we see a new price under 60 cents again? Possible.
Are my other updates wrong? Possibly, but it could be quite the truth.
Nov 24 comment is still active. c point is pending.
56c? Maybe
It's just likely
If you are interested in this coin, I suggest you check my btc analysis update. Altcoins depend a lot on bitcoin!
Btc analysis that I update regularly:
I still don't see the end of point B
Point B completed:
*The price crosses the yellow line-0.575c
*MACD has crossed down
*RSI BB is minimally yellow, ideally RED.
This is a 3-day candlestick chart. I believe the two candles are at least with a red close. New candle opening dates in December: 3, 6, 9, 12, 15 etc. Based on this, I determine that point b will be completed on 9-15, not earlier.
Today's price movement was unexpected.
The price quickly dropped to 58 cents and quickly moved back above 60 cents, it gives the impression that it will not drop below 60 cents again.
For me, the correction is achieved(B point).
I don't think it will cross the yellow line (0.575c) anymore. If by some miracle it happens, be happy, you have a chance to get it cheaper and make more profit.

Dec 4th Comment: This was one very potential option but btc ruined it PS btc got a major update I recommend it.

In the big picture, we are definitely on the rise, the opposite would be illogical to me.
I'm in.
logic freak, MoralDisciple.
The predicted BS was successful. The previous analysis still applies.
BTC represents the new altseason region. It will probably go from here.
I don't think xrp will go below 62c again. By the end of this month, xrp and xlm may be high if the altseason is cool.

I could be wrong, but this is probably the truth.
There are always surprises
I don't think it will cross that needle again, the end of December could be interesting
I like that the needle stayed above the previous needle (marked with a purple line), it says that we are still in an uptrend.
From today I have more free time to be public!!
The blue and green lines are one of the strong support points determined by the important price points. The price briefly touched it and immediately moved up.
I didn't think the BS pullback would be this strong, but still we're still good.

As I have said before, it all depends on the mother, btc. I'm sure around 40k is cheap. XRP can be high when btc is around 50k. xlm and xrp are too cheap considering the current market situation and a sharp rise is likely. By the end of January or earlier it will be done (the first very strong wave), I don't see any other option.

None of us are perfect in this world, it's impossible. Consider that I may be wrong, but I believe in my logic what I do, because it has received many factual confirmations.
If I am wrong with the xrp analysis, then I will lose because I own this coin. I'm trying to do everything to be successful with it and so are you my supporters.
I wish you success and myself. MoralDisciple.
For me, there are several errors in reading the price movement of the previous analysis, after the OSD. It's easy on a small chart. Nothing changes in the bigger picture.
I would rather be in favor of a smaller decline and then an increase, but I don't know for sure.
I'm not even surprised because I had doubts about the fall.
It's also no surprise why it's such a crappy little chart to analyze, Sea of needles on a larger chart. The peculiarity of xrp

If my btc update is successful it will be the end of the xrp correction area. I recommend checking out this analysis.

Lots of needles is one interesting indicator for xrp when looking at the big chart(3d):
As I said recently, it's really shitty to analyze it now, but I'm still trying. Never give up.
*Macd gives a hidden hint that it is really bullish.
*A falling price pattern can be read as abc.
I didn't think BS would pull back so much….
All in all, we are still good and in an uptrend.
Good results are likely if we wait until January to finish.
Stupid needles are likely before xrp crosses the 70 cents level.
We will have a beautiful 2024 and it will change the lives of many forever!!✌️
All I see is GIGA BULLISH!!!
A more detailed analysis for freaks like me.
PS point b can come higher, because there is no proof that point a was finished
Not much to think about what this coin will do when BTC goes up in January.
BTC rises strongly first and then with a little delay this coin. This is what BTC and XRP(or xlm) historical comparison says. Looks like it's happening again.
In a comment on December 18, I first publicly pointed out the needles of the candle, which I marked with a purple line. Seeing the current situation similar to the previous two.

In this analysis, I will point out what bitcoin did before.
If it happens again in a similar way, nothing special will happen to the XRP coin this week(maybe). It will be interesting if bitcoin does well this week.

Timing has always been difficult to predict and easy to get wrong, but I like to try. Personally, I believe it will rise this month!! But we will soon see which week it actually starts.
Analysis closed. Good luck
The first quarter of this year ends in the red. Because bitcoin is showing you the middle finger.
BTC UPGRADE which is public, It is pointless to update everyone separately.