I remember when XRP was a baby

I remember when getting some XRP at 0.0065 cents.
Those were the wild west days for ALT coins.

Back in 2016 I had no fundamentals besides just having a mindset to buy some at the end of each the year.
I got lucky and can't leave it up to chance. Stick to your TA or whatever floats your yacht.

Long story short. I have passion for TA and my older brother is all about the fundamentals.
TA is my favourite past time since 2017. It took some years to find my craft and I'll keep on learning new styles.
I like to keep things simple.

give credit where credit is due
Quick Shutout to Tone Vays and Steve, I highly recommend Tone's workshops and OPTICALARTdotCOM tutorials.

Just because you or I miss out on a trade
"There will always be another trade" Tone Vays