We are currently in the danger zone of playing with 3.2 while eth tests its all time high. As of right now, ETHUSD is tapping the 1420-1450 level where it is meeting strong resistance.

ETHUSD is currently bearish diverging on the daily which could signal a reversal, dragging the rest of the altcoins with it. However if able to break out of the 1450 range and close, we could see a 2k eth in a week, as well as a 4 dollar Tezos.

I am currently keeping as close eye on the market as I will be acting on what ETHUSD will be doing.

XTZUSD is currently out of the boll bands and RSI is teasing 70, my golden sell conditions. I am deleveraging but who knows what will happen, we are in the wild west.

If we see a pull back I predict support at 2.7 but we may temporarily dump lower. I will be watching. After which we will come back to 3.2 and break it in an amazing fashion :).

Thanks for reading and be safe out there.