XVS Potential Bounce Playing Out | Easy 45 to 80%

XVSBTC is now bouncing towards an easy 45 to 80% jump.

Here we have lots of interesting data coming out of this chart.

XVSBTC hit an ATH mid-May followed by a strong decline... High bear volume that suddenly went flat.

Today we see prices moving above EMA10 (first bullish signal).

We have also what is called "hidden bullish divergence" between the MACD and XVSBTC .

The RSI went through a reset and is starting to trend up strong (third bullish signal).

The bearish cross between EMA10/EMA50 normally leads to a bounce.

Any drop can lead to a bounce eventually and this can now become true.

Looking at the structure of the chart, we are likely witnessing a correction that will end with the uptrend resuming soon...
Regardless, we are looking at the short term move now taking place.

If XVSBTC manages to close above 0.0007905, it is easy to see the 0.618 Fib. level hit next for ~80%.

This is not a chart that I would personally share as a trade but definitely a good if you have experience trading.

It can be good for quick profits

This is not financial advice.
This information is shared for learning/entertainment purposes only.

Thank you for reading.

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and it's breakout
Learning a lot from you theses days. I tried to analyze as you did, but I have a problem with the green rectangle.
How did you manage to put it there ? What is it ? Is it a support ? Why did you put it there, is it related to the MCDA ?

Thanks a lot sir!
Thanks for sharing💡
i always aim for moving averages as targets and you always aim for fib levels
can you tell me about times that chart hits the moving averages and just go back and never touches the fib ?
i wanna know more thank you alan
AlanSantana alikratos29
@alikratos29, I am not familiar with such scenario.
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im at 26% profit right now with this coin and i wanted to close at 10520 :D
thank for the chart <3
AlanSantana alikratos29
@alikratos29, You're welcome.

Thanks for sharing.
Huge potential upside, 400% or more. Very undervalued coin at the moment. Buy it and stake on the protocol and get some good APY while you wait for it to take off again.