ZETA - Danger Mouse Short πŸ’£πŸ’₯

BATS:ZETA   Zeta Global Holdings Corp.

Ok i've got a silly short here but it has good bang for buck and tight RR πŸ˜….

The point of this is twofold:

1) Indexes are at a potential ratio based inflection point (though not at all determined)

2) ZETA is also in a similar ratio based inflection point; though the chart is very different.

ZETA is up 19% today on TradingView "Gap Gainers" after an earnings pump.

And that has left an enormous gap.

This may prove to be an Exhaustion Gap as part of a blow off top.

From July 2022 we have a clear 3 wave structure.

And 3 waves often lead to a reversal.

Current price is close to the 0.786 overshoot ratio of the 1:0.618 Golden Window.

If it tops here then this is a weak extension ratio; because the third wave is shorter than the first.

And it is also in the reverse extension 1.618 Golden Window taken from wave 2 of 3 - the connective wave.

So this is a higher probability area for a pivot for the chart to maintain ratio balance.

Both overshoot ratios; the 0.786 and 1.786 are only just above current price and so this allows me to enter a short position with invalidation only a little way above.

Therefore I can reduce risk and increase margin.

If it does top out in this area then it can become a Shakeout Reversal Pattern ("S") above ATH resistance.

This is an area of higher liquidity and so is more likely to print a major pivot.

A weak extension ratio tends to lead to a minimum 0.618 retracement...

So this could go really deep - perhaps down to $7.

This may depend on what happens next with indexes, but if they also print a pivot into a bearish wave, then this is primed to go tumbling down and down πŸ‘.

Not advice

Part 2 14/5 - Crypto Focus video now uploaded😼.

The tide is turning and blind hodlers might be rekt down the roadπŸ’€.

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