ZVIA , Would love to hear your opinions on Zevia soda..

First of all , Zevia is a stevia sweetened soda. A decent variety of flavors are available. Also is, naturally flavored, calorie free and some of the flavors , such as "cola" are caffeinated but most are not .

Now, a bit about my personal diet habits . I like to practice intermittent fasting , and a keto based diet, with a cheat weekend allowed every 3 weeks :) . I'm pretty active , but as I have gotten a bit older ( particularly noticing that after I turned 30 ) , I have developed an new amazing belly growing skillset lol !

To combat this, I have personally found that, for me, intermittent fasting is great and, if paired that with a ketogenic diet (so your body switches it's fuel source to fats) , your actually almost not hungry between meals .

I started drinking Zevia about a year ago . It really suits my diet style and the diet style is increasing in popularity .
Not to mention, I'm sure that in general it is a great alternative to be considered by many others instead of regular pop .

It's a pretty new product though and I'm curious if I am a minority here . Also , it's a new IPO and a bit difficult to see a current institution ownership % .

So I would love to hear some feedback on this .

I would love to hear some feedback .

Have you personally tired Zevia ?
Do you like the product ?
Have you recommended it to others ?
Have you made it a regular addition to your shopping list ?

Thanks in advance .


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