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The Aroon Indicator (often referred to as Aroon Up Down) is a range bound, technical indicator that is actually a set of two separate measurements designed to measure how many periods have passed since price has recorded an n-period high or low low with “n” being a number of periods set at the trader’s discretion. For example a 14 Day Aroon-Up will take the number of days since price last recorded a 14 day high and then calculate a number between 0 and 100. A 14 Day Aroon-Down will do the same thing except is will calculate a number based of the number of days since a 14 day low. This number is intended to quantify the strength of a trend (if there is one). The closer the number is to 100, the stronger the trend. Aroon is not only good at identifying trends, it is also a useful tool for identifying periods of consolidation.

Read more about Aroon Indicator in TradingView wiki.
controllinghand controllinghand PRO BTCUSD, D, Long ,
BTCUSD: When to buy
235 1 3
When to buy

Using the Aroon 233 to determine if a stock is in a bull market or bear market Use the Aroon 21 to buy into a stock when Aroon is in a bull market. This example is using Bitcoin with the latest news of China shutting down exchanges I wanted to know when would be a good time to buy into it.

Zaardice Zaardice GBPUSD, 240, Short ,
GBPUSD: Crab + RSI divergence + Aroon Analisis
22 0 2
GBPUSD, 240 Short
Crab + RSI divergence + Aroon Analisis

More analysis for this good entry. GBPUSD #Nietzsche_Trader

Markame Markame PRO NZDCAD, 240, Long ,
NZDCAD: NZDCAD Bullish :P profits.
598 1 27
NZDCAD, 240 Long
NZDCAD Bullish :P profits.

It's heading up, let's get those profits :P

Captain_Walker Captain_Walker PRO AUDCAD, D, Long ,
AUDCAD: (1D) AUDCAD ripe for a long
74 0 4
(1D) AUDCAD ripe for a long

I see a pull back in an uptrend on the daily, bouncing off a trend line with an aggressive Williams-Vix-Fix (WVF) signal. Aggressive WVF signals tend to fail but are more reliable when in an uptrend. The Aroons are for the bulls, having originated from a cross at 50. The overall trend seems strong for the upside at this point. The trend could well fail - as no ...

juniortrader juniortrader JCP, D, Long ,
JCP: JCP Bullish Triangle
105 0 3
JCP, D Long
JCP Bullish Triangle

Bullish triangle on the JCP chart, watch for a breakout if the price clearly passes and closes above resistance. Chart also has clear indicators of a stong trend with the DMI showing an uptrend and the Aroon showing new uptrend. Would like to see an increase on the OBV along with the others for clarification of a strong trend though.

quantguy quantguy SPY, 240, Short ,
SPY: Bearish Head and Shoulders forming on SPY
75 0 0
SPY, 240 Short
Bearish Head and Shoulders forming on SPY

A combination of lukewarm earnings for Q1 and talks of an impending Federal Reserve interest rate hike seem to be slowing down the bullish recovery we've seen in the S&P the past several weeks. On the technical side, notice the failure to attain a new high. In fact SPY has consistently been unable to break new highs going back to May 2015, when the bear market ...

quantguy quantguy GILD, 60, Long ,
GILD: GILD: The Little Engine that Could
82 1 1
GILD, 60 Long
GILD: The Little Engine that Could

Despite my overall bearish outlook on stocks, Gilead Sciences stands out as the 'Little Engine that Could' in the sense that it keeps chugging along despite being battered by the broader index just after earnings came out late January. On the fundamental side, most analysts think it's way underweight citing that it should be worth as much as 66% more as per the ...

quantguy quantguy SPY, D, Short ,
SPY: All Eyes on FOMC for Equities Positions
52 0 0
SPY, D Short
All Eyes on FOMC for Equities Positions

Data from the U.S. has improved by the barest of margins. The New York Fed Consumer Survey finds inflation expectations rising (by less than 1%) above expectations, and the ECB rate cut means lots of free cash to play with. Keep in mind we have the FOMC meeting coming up and their decisions will determine the direction of the markets for the near term. ...

quantguy quantguy GILD, D, Long ,
GILD: Can Gilead Beat the Markets?
30 0 0
GILD, D Long
Can Gilead Beat the Markets?

As of March 3rd, Gilead earned a 'buy' rating from Citigroup as verified by the link. It is true that GILD should have performed better after earnings as has been historically demonstrated, but it took a beating with the overall index but failed to share in the rebound. Personally, I think this is a good thing, for you'll note from my previous post here previous ...

quantguy quantguy CL1!, D, Short ,
CL1!: Massive Short Covering Rally in Oil: Trade Accordingly
223 0 3
CL1!, D Short
Massive Short Covering Rally in Oil: Trade Accordingly

There's been a massive short covering rally of near historic proportions in oil recently. As the OPEC circus continues to 'cry wolf' regarding freezing production, the market, once overwhelmingly short on the commodity, takes the opportunity to cash out some of its short positions. There is really no fundamental reason for oil to rally so hard as the attached ...

quantguy quantguy SPY, 60, Short ,
SPY: S&P Rally Short Lived
162 0 4
SPY, 60 Short
S&P Rally Short Lived

With the tsunami of data this week, it was really hard to sieve out anything stellar. At best, we had employment data that was above expectation on Wednesday, as well as a moderately improved ISM manufacturing index. PMI and Factory Orders left much to be desired. Central Bankers all over the world are scratching their heads and trying in futility to save face ...

quantguy quantguy SP1!, D, Short ,
SP1!: No End to Bearish News for the S&P
65 0 2
SP1!, D Short
No End to Bearish News for the S&P

Yesterday, Janet Yellen of the Federal Reserve spoke confirming expectations that the Fed would sit tight on interest rates. She even admitted today that the Fed is considering negative interest rates. Her ominous tone did not bode well for the markets as evinced by the abysmal market opening today here in the US. In fact, the world's markets are rearing from ...

quantguy quantguy SPY, D, Short ,
SPY: S&P Solidly Bearish
184 1 4
SPY, D Short
S&P Solidly Bearish

Any hopes for a recovery this week were quashed by today's open and marked declines henceforth. There really doesn't seem to be any indication of a turnaround, unless some good data comes out this week, and there is quite a bit to anticipate. As the attached article notes, analysts are cutting their expectations for the S&P, and it would be good advice to any ...

quantguy quantguy EURUSD, W, Short ,
EURUSD: Dark times for the Euro
113 0 3
Dark times for the Euro

From political instability to ineffectual QE, bullish news for the Euro is scant. We can look for more confirmation from Draghi to this effect soon to come. As far as the technicals are concerned, we have a very strong bearish head and shoulders pattern forming on the weekly chart. There is massive resistance from above via the ichimoku cloud which will make a ...

quantguy quantguy NFLX, D, Short ,
NFLX: Bearish Double Top on Netflix
48 0 0
NFLX, D Short
Bearish Double Top on Netflix

Unfortunately for NFLX on the fundamentals side, they were ousted from Indonesia, which was a prime target for their international expansion endeavors, due to a failure to fulfill their censorship standards. Unfortunately for them, this simply adds to the list of bearish technical indicators despite 'buy' ratings from numerous sources. First, note the bearish ...

quantguy quantguy AAPL, W, Short ,
AAPL: Bearish Head and Shoulders and a Gloomy Outlook for AAPL
190 0 3
AAPL, W Short
Bearish Head and Shoulders and a Gloomy Outlook for AAPL

When Apple was using the Power PC line of processors in their computers, I was extremely skeptical of them. Their operating systems prior to OS X were abysmal. They crashed all the time, and the availability of software for anything I wanted to do was scant. Then they started rolling out Intel processors, and updated OS, and a slew of performance upgrades and I ...

FDNYret FDNYret FB, D, Short ,
FB: The perfect time to short Facebook is now.
137 0 0
FB, D Short
The perfect time to short Facebook is now.

FB has hit resistance at $83. Three times was not a charm for $FB as it could not close above $83. The daily stochastic indicates a sell today. My favorite indicator at present is the Aroon up, I use it to indicate tops in FB when it hit 100. It did hit 100 on Thursday and went lower on Friday. When it hits 0 in about 15 days, I expect FB to between $74 and $77. ...

ItisCalvin ItisCalvin BTCUSD, 120,
BTCUSD: Indicator - Aroon Oscillator
941 3 2
Indicator - Aroon Oscillator

My first time doing a script! Aroon Oscillator is difference between Arron Up and Aroon Down. Aroon Oscillator makes it easier to see which of the two indicators are stronger. Normally Aroon is plotted with the two distinct lines. This indicator fluctuates between -100 and +100 with 0 as the mid line. When oscillator is positive there tends to be upward trend ...

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