Bitcoin BuyZone Added Ranges

Hi to all my HODLers,

Anyone that has followed me knows I've been publishing when is good time to DCA into #Bitcoin #BTC. This 4th BuyZone is not over anytime soon.
I was wondering what was the range for each buyzone. Basically what was the range between the low and high in the BuyZone.

Here are the results:
1st BuyZone range was 198%
2nd BuyZone range was 105%
3rd BuyZone range was 170%
Currently we are in the 4th BuyZone. Currently we are only at a 70% range. we have another 30-100% that can be added to this range if history is any indication?

I will be watching for many months to come. Speaking of time. Here is how long each BuyZone lasted:

1st BuyZone lasted 390 days
2nd BuyZone lasted 178 days
3rd BuyZone lasted 137 days
4th BuyZone currently is 38 days
We still have anywhere from 100 to 352 days to go. Hopefully the former :-).

Stay strong my friends