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Plotting a configurable higher timeframe on current chart's timeframe helps visualize price movement without changing timeframes. It also plots FVG and Volume Imbalance on the higher timeframe for easier visualization.

With ICT concepts, we usually wait for HTF break of structure and then find an entry on a lower timeframe. With this indicator, we can set it to the HTF and watch the develop of price action until the break of structure happens. We can then take an entry on the current timeframe.

HTF Higher timeframe to plot
Number of candles to display The number of higher timeframe candles to display to the right of current price action
Body/Border/Wick The candle colors for the body, border, and wick
Padding from current candles The distance from current timeframe's candles
Space between candles Increase / decrease the candle spacing
Candle width The size of the candles

Fair Value Gap Show / Hide FVG on the higher timeframe
Volume Imbalance Show / Hide Volume Imbalance on the higher timeframe

Trace lines Extend the OHLC lines of the higher timeframe and the source of each
Label Show/Hide the price levels of the OHLC
Release Notes:
FIX: Fix for wick colors when candle changes from bullish to bearish and vice versa
Release Notes:
Major Update:
- Refactored the code and cleaned it up
- Added Limit to next HTFs only setting that allows you to only display next 3 HTF candles for example
- Added Remaining Time label per request
- FVGs and V.I. now show on developing candles
- Changed how Trace lines work. Now they can be anchored to first or last set of HTF candles
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