RePaNoCHa V4 [Alerts]

Script for automatic trading with Alerts.

LG --> Long (green: not confirmed) (lime: confirmed)
ST --> Short (maroon: not confirmed) (red: confirmed)
TS --> Trailing Stop
xL --> Close Long Position
xS --> Close Short Position
SL --> Stop Loss

The trailing stop closes the trade if the price changes direction by a specified percentage or offset. There is no ideal distance because markets and price are always changing and we know that is impossible to exit on the top or bottom. This script interpolate the trailing Stop Offset with profit, higher profit --> higher Trailing Stop Offset. Despite this, it's difficult to catch the price but not impossible. It has a TS delay too. It take a snapshot every X seconds, if the TS is activated the alert is triggered, otherwise the price keeps fluctuating until a new snapshot.

It can be easily converted to Backtest. Just delete "//" on the corresponding part.

Default settings for XBT:USD at 1H.
Release Notes: Added RSI and MACD
Release Notes: Repeated part deleted
Release Notes: Stop Loss bug fixed
Added option for activate not confirmed signals (better profit but high risk)
Release Notes: Xlong & Xshort fixed
Release Notes: Now the Trailing Stop can be triggered even if price is lower than the activation limit just like the strategy or backtest script.
Release Notes: Confirmed signals improved and added independent alerts for TS.
Release Notes: Limit orders for better profit & one alert every minute closing X% only for TS.
Release Notes: Enjoy!
Release Notes: SL
Release Notes: New rebuild optimized for closing the position every minute with X% in every Trailing Stop alert only. Stop Loss Fixed. Now this is the Super-RePaNoCHa script ;-)

An example on a 5 minutes timeframe for XBTUSD (BITMEX)

Position Side = BOTH
Source = hlc3
T3 Length = 20
T3 Volume Factor = 0.3
Sampling Period = 30
Range Multiplier = 3.2
ADX lenght = 48
ADX Threshold = 15
SAR start = 0.31
SAR inc = 0.2
SAR max = 0.12
RSI length = 34
RSI Center Line = 50
MACD Fast Length = 7
MACD Fast Length = 19
MACD Signal Length = 13
Trailing Stop Activation % = 0.5
Trailing Stop Offset % (when profit=0.5 %) = 0.25
Trailing Stop Offset % (when profit=10 %) = 1
Stop Loss = false
Tics/Pips Correction = 2
Initial Capital = 1000
Quantity = 100 %
Commission value = 0.075 %
Release Notes: A little improvement with Xlong/Xshort
Release Notes: New improvement with XConditions
Release Notes: Reconfigured to be shorter and better. Unconfirmed signals are more stable. Default settings for BINANCE BTC:USDT (Comission_value = 0.04 taker). TS Delay deleted. Set one alert per minute only for Trailing Stop, closing 10-25%.
Release Notes: ...

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