TTP Cerberus

Cerberus is an indicator that uses stochastic RSI applied to the ratio of the total market cap vs the cap of stable coins.

It offers 4 different signals that intent to find market bottoms or tops based on the flow of funds moving from alts into stable coin.

The signals are triggered when the calculation reaches the top and bottom user defined thresholds.

1) Warning sell: the most accurate signal that can be used as a serious caution that the market might dump soon. In the total backtesting history it's got a 90% accuracy. It's displayed as a yellow vertical line on the top of the chart.
2) Sell or "confirmation" sell. This is plotted as red vertical line on the top area of the chart. It confirms that the dump has started.
3) Warning buy. This signal is also plotted in yellow but in the bottom of the chart and indicates that the price might potentially have bottomed locally. It is not recommended to be used during bear markets. On bull runs it offers high accuracy.
4) Buy signal, this signal confirms that the waning buy is potentially on its way to higher highs. Just like the warning buy it tends to perform very good on bull markets and shouldn't be considered during bear markets.

By default the indicator uses TOTAL as the total market cap in crypto. Alternatively you can select TOTAL2 or TOTAL3 and compare results.
The total market cap for stable coins is calculated as the sum of USDT, USDC and DAI.

I personally use this indicator ONLY in the weekly timeframe as that's where I see the most reliable results.

It offers separated alerts for each individual signal.

How I plan to use it? I'm personally planning to use the warning sell signal on the weekly as a potential high risk caution flag for the crypto market.
Release Notes:
- New addition "golden sell" a rare opportunity to sell that should not be ignored.
- Separated threshold for golden sell
- Now the indicator is backtestable using TTPTSL, Gavins DCA backtester, etc
- Solved issue that was preventing to edit the color of the indicator causing issues to users on light theme charts.
Release Notes:
Redesign of graphics.
Labels and background colours now can be both active at the same time.
Release Notes:
A few extra tweaks
Release Notes:
Added option to pick 4 stable coin markets.
BUSD market cap included as total sum of stable cap.
This should help future proof the performance since many people are flipping USDT to BUSD.
Modified the golden top to only 88 instead of 99, this now helps flagging 100% tops together with the addition of BUSD cap.

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