Kahlman HullMA / WT Cross Strategy

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A strategy created using Hull Moving Average and WT Cross.

Hull Moving Average turns green and WT Cross crossover this is a long. Otherwise short.

Stop Loss and Take Profit settings are available. You can set it to the level you want or turn it off.

According to my measurements, it shows the best performance in the 4-hour period. But you can find the best settings that are correct from the Strategy settings.
Release Notes:
1 level stop loss 3 level take profit available.
If the conditions for the long are still valid when it reaches half of the take 1 profit level(Position Check Senstive) when it is traded, the transaction continues. Otherwise, stop. It aims to provide maximum profit by carrying a stop when the price reaches the take profit levels respectively.
Release Notes:
-Added sources
-Problems solved
Release Notes:
-Fixed problems
Release Notes:
-Add Wunderbit comment area.
-To set an alarm, write {{strategy.order.comment}} in the message section.
Release Notes:
//Add trailing stop
//TP1-TP2 up-down rules update
Release Notes:
--Long/Short values update.
With an investment of 100 'x' money, he reaches 10 thousand 'x' money in 2.5 years.
Release Notes:
--add Stoch RSI
--L/S and tp1-2 condition update
Release Notes:
--Add Finandy function.
--Add time range and weekdays
--General update
Release Notes:
-- Time range updates
-- TP's ON/OFF
-- Add trailing stop change line settings
-- Finandy setting closed
Release Notes:
-- Add volume
-- Add Long/Long Close on/off
-- Add Short/Short Close on/off
Release Notes:
Add Alternative source for HullMA, WTCross, RSI Stoch
Code optimization and update.
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