Steve's Golden Cross & Death Cross

A Golden Cross often signals one of the best up and coming big picture market trend reversals in crypto indicating that a potential long-term bull run could be just ahead.

Conversely, a Death Cross indicates that prices are potentially primed for a major sell-off and that a long-term bear market could be around the corner. Both of these signals represent times when traders shouldn’t be sitting on their hands but instead getting ready to act and either maximize their gains or protect their money.

That’s why we have decided to bring you this very simple but powerful tool but to really help you save time and save money while ensuring you do not miss these types of signals in the market.

Steve’s Golden Cross & Death Cross Indicator is CCU’s very own custom built indicator using the 50 Day MA and 200 Day MA with special early warning signals that you can set alerts for to help you spot when a cross is coming.

Green transparent circles are your Golden Cross early warning signals.
• Typically you can expect 6-12 warning signals depending on the time frame you are using.
• Green solid circles indicate the Gold cross is official
• There will only be 1 green solid circle and this is your confirmation the golden cross has happened

Red transparent signals are your Death Cross early warning signals
• Typically you can expect 6-12 warning signals depending on the time frame you are using.
• Red solid circles indicate the Death Cross is official
• There will only be 1 red solid circle and this is your confirmation the death cross has happened

Cross Range - Comes default at 10 however you can raise the number if you wish to be alerted sooner or lower the number for less of a warning.

Golden/Death Cross Predication - Currently predicts 25-30 Candles into the future regardless of the time frame.

This indicator can be used on any time frame for stocks or crypto. However, keep in mind that the higher the time frame the more powerful the signal. The lower the time frame the more likely it is to be a false signal and the official death cross is on the 1 Day Chart. Always follow your strategy no matter what.

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Release Notes: Logic update, cleaned up settings.
Release Notes: Thanks for all of the feedback on the indicator. We have now updated:
1. Ability to change the color of the projection dots
2. Ability to change the MA's with out affecting the projection dots (if you want 2 different colors)
3. Fixed a bug that would not allow MA's under 46 to be applied.
Release Notes: 1. Updated the message received for Golden Cross or Death Cross confirmation when the "Any Alert" function is use.
2. Fixed a forecasting bug.
3. Change the MA names in the settings.

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