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The ATM Indicator was created with the sole purpose of exposing momentum in it’s deepest form. Highlighting each candle to indicate buying power, selling power, losing power, and NO power.

The purpose of this indicator is to bring you the clarity you are looking for when trying to figure out if its a good time to buy, sell, and most importantly .. when its a good time to STAY OUT.

The color coordination is as follows:

YELLOW = Buying Power
RED = Selling Power
BLUE= Low Momentum

Example of Bearish Momentum and how it will indicate to Sell, Loss of Momentum, NO momentum and CLOSE TRADE. All of which have been coded to alert the user when to buy, sell, close trade and when to stay out:


Now, you are able to maximize your potential profits by trailing those market runs!


When you are in sideways moving markets you will notice that the Buy or Sell calls are breaking even or having small losses before you capture the big bank moves. That is fine. You can filter these sideways moving markets by only taking Buy signals when its above the previous buy signal and sells when the sell signal is below the previous sell signal. Often times you will see the ATM call a sell but it is not below the previous sell- Chances are you are in sideways moving markets and you should avoid this trade. Once you see a sell or buy above or below the previous signal- then you can make your atm money :) SIMPLE. Remember, IT IS ALL ABOUT PROFIT FACTOR. Wise man once said,

“It's not whether you're right or wrong, but how much money you make when you're right and how much you lose when you're wrong.”- George Soros

If you desire to try the ATM ALGO TRIGGER METHOD INDICATOR, Email the following along with subject line: ATM INDICATOR 

Release Notes:
The ATM Trigger Zone has been added.
Release Notes:
I have added the ability to set alerts where you will receive notification whenever price does the following:

Loss of Momentum
Close Trade
and Trigger Zone Retest ( NEW Condition)

The Trigger Zone Retest is a condition i believe was necessary for when you:
1. You Miss or are unable to take a Sell or Buy condition and are looking for another potential opportunity
2. You are looking to manage your position as soon as price comes back to zone. This allows the trader to mitigate and limit unnecessary holds should they choose.


1. Pick a pair and a timeframe you wish to trade.
2. Once you have identified your trending bias, create an alert on that pair/timeframe.
3. Set Condition to "ATM ALGO TRIGGER METHOD"
4. Set Expiration Time to end by the end of the trading week to keep your alerts from cluttering.
5. Set Alert Actions to Notify on app, Show pop-up, Send Email
6. SELECT CREATE and you are SET
Release Notes:

Please note that i am working on providing you the ability to change color of text. For now, if you are using a white Background for your trading and are unable to see the Close Trade alerts since the text is white, simply go in the settings and change the + to a label down or up and you will be able to see the condition for Close Buy/ Sell.

Another recommendation is to remove the label "LOM" if you feel that the charts contain to many labels for your liking. This simple fix can be done in the settings. By unchecking LOM or any of the other conditions, does not mean the condition will be deactivated all together. The Alerts, and Candle Color will continue to change and work accordingly.

Thank you.
Release Notes:

Many requests were received for the ability to change text color when it came to the ATM and we have listened. You will now be able to change the text to fit your personal background charting templates.

I have also added additional parameters for trending markets that will allow the user to capture higher probability set ups.

Thank you!
Release Notes:
The moment you guys have been waiting for has finally arrived! With this update, the ATM is bringing you the following:

1. Filter for Ranging Markets - We weed out a great majority of the break evens / small losses that one can expect from ranging markets.

2. ATM Trading Panel- This panel is a BIG addition to the ATM. The Panel provides you with overall momentum so you know who's running the market at the given time. Strong Bullish- simply means that the pair you are trading has an overall bullish sentiment. Strong Bearish- means that the bears are currently running the market and therefore should ATM print a BUY- you will take this BUY signal with the understanding that it's a short term buy. Neutral RANGING MARKETS- means that the market is expected to be choppy. Trade this kind of market with CAUTION.

The ATM panel also provides you with suggested Stop Loss and Take Profits should you need help identifying where your SL and TP should be. This is simply a suggestion for those that need it. You can manage your risk as you wish.

I have also removed the labels LOM and RETEST from display- this can be turned on in the settings under STYLE input.

The alerts are programmed to provide you with the average close price between candles using HEIKIN ASHI candle close. There is a reason behind this that will later be discussed. The price you will receive on your alerts might differ slightly from regular OHLC candle close. That is FINE- all the trigger conditions for BUY SELL, RETEST and CLOSE TRADE remain valid and should be taken accordingly.

Thank you all for supporting and loving this ATM ALGO. A lot of work has been put in to this script. Enjoy!
Release Notes:

Elev8 FAMILY, we have added exciting new features with this update and we appreciate your patience! Let's break it down:

The ATM now features the ability to calculate your lot size in the settings by adding your trading capital amount, risk percentage per trade, and total stop loss pips.
This ensures you will always use the correct lot size when trading in accordance to your chosen RISK PER TRADE. No more overleveraging!
  • Risk Recommendation:
    Low Risk= 1-2% per trade
  • Medium Risk = 3-4% per trade
  • High Risk = 5-10% per trade

We have also provided you the ability to calculate your risk & reward in the settings. Your risk input in the settings will automatically be displayed in the trading panel as SL and TP1 for your convenience. Total SL pips has also been added to the Panel. You can widen your stop loss by changing the STOP DISTANCE in the settings.

The ability to resize the panel to best fit your screen has been added in the settings. You can now choose from Large, Medium, or Small.

Trading Notifications
The notifications have also received additional touches with this update. You will notice that the Buy and Sell notifications will now display your entry, stop loss and take profit. ENJOY!

If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact admin@elev8fx.com
Release Notes:
Lot Size Calculator Text Color Change ability added.
Release Notes:
The long desired ability to be able to filter out ranging markets has finally become a reality with the ATM Trading System. The ATM Trading System offers every trader the ability to capture premium trade set-ups when price is IN motion.

  • BUY and SELL Notifications
  • Take Profit and Stop loss according to your chosen RR
  • ALERTS 🚨 so that you never miss a trading set-up
  • LOT SIZE calculator to ensure that you are not over leveraging
  • PANEL display with current session, take profit, stop loss, and overall PIPS for SL
  • Color Coordination to distinguish momentum in the market: yellow, Red, Gray
  • Works on any instrument- stocks, crypto, forex, or indices

This attacks the ranging phases of the market. You are welcome to adjust the settings according to what best suits your chosen pair, instrument. The higher the number the more sensitive the filtration becomes.

For Indices we recommend an input of
For Forex we recommend an input of you can even try 3 or 3.5. Just make sure top and bottom filter both are the same number.
Release Notes:

Very excited for the recent updates. Now providing the user complete control over the following:
🔑 Market Range Filtration

ATR Trading System can be used on all markets- STOCKS, FOREX, CRYPTO, and Indices. Make sure you ask about our free community group :) EMAIL ME at ADMIN@ELEV8FX.COM
Release Notes:
Hello ELEV8 Fam,

Introducing the ATM TRADING SYSTEM + TM

We incorporated the Panesso Tech Trend Meter with the ATM to provide us with a power-packed trading system. To use the Trend Meter Strategy, simply change setting type inside the settings tab. This is the same strategy that is helping members pass challenges like a breeze. Now you can set your alert and wait for those ATM + TM set ups to happen.

Now, your buys and sells will print once overall trend is in confluence with bullish or bearish momentum.

We have simplified this as well by changing the SL to PIPS above or below Trigger Candle. This input can be adjusted in the settings under "RISK REWARD"

All you have to do is REMOVE and REFRESH and RE-ADD the ATM indicator to benefit from the update.

Release Notes:
Good evening Familia,

I have updated the Default Settings for the ATM TRADING SYSTEM + TM to run optimally according to what i find to be a "Typical Set UP"

TRADING PANEL + LOT SIZE CALCULATOR - This feature was removed from initial display but can be enabled in the ATM's Input Settings by swithcing on the "Enable Trading Panel and Lot SIZE Calculator"

There has also been adjustments made to range filtration and Strategy Type- The ATM will automatically run the TREND METER STRATEGY and Range filtration at 2.5 & -2.5. You can choose to make this more aggressive to filter out ranging markets.

FOR Forex Pairs, Stocks, Commodity, Indicies, or crypto- you MUST adjust the total RISK from instrument to instrument. Some pairs require more room than others therefore a bigger STOP Loss (PIPS) will be needed to allow room for these potential trade set ups to happen.


TP HIT and SL HIT labels can be turned on in the settings under STYLE. Just ensure you are managing proper RISK when selecting a proper STOP LOSS for the instrument you are attempting to trade.

Overall, the default settings on ATM Trading Strategy + TM have been optimized for all traders - new or seasoned.

Thank you.
Release Notes:
There has been a ton of amazing reviews and testimonials from all over the world and i just want to take a moment and thank you all for the amazing feedback.

This powerful update was coded with the help of one of my private students. The set up focuses on the quantity of neutral candles between signals.

It was noticed that a range of 1-3 neutral candles between signals provides amazing set ups which help filter out the minor break evens or small losses. Here is an example where we only focus on 1 neutral candle between signals.

As you can see, when Neutral Candle is switched on in the settings, you will only be able to see the set ups with the number of Neutral candles you inputted to have between calls. Here is how the feature was able to filter out the break evens before the big call.

As you can see, it does a great job selecting premium set ups. Now, because the filter focuses on a specific number of neutral candles, there will be calls that you might miss that are also big plays but are outside of your selected neutral candle range. You also wont have as many frequent signals being called during session- this is fine given that we are focusing on quality calls.

Feel free to backtest different input in ranges for what best suits your trading style.

Release Notes:
Dear subscribers,

We are excited to announce that our ATM Indicator has undergone a major update, making it even more powerful and user-friendly. With this update, the trading tool is now capable of filtering out buys and sells based on the current trend, using averages. This feature provides you with a clearer and more accurate picture of the market, helping you make informed trading decisions.
In addition, we have introduced the T-Ribbon, which is a more advanced version of the traditional EMA ribbons. The T-Ribbon provides an even more in-depth analysis of the market, allowing you to see the trend more clearly and react accordingly that can be used in confluence with the ATM indicator. You will need to switch on both features in the settings should you wish to apply the updated filters. Here is an example of how we have managed to clean up the break evens:



We believe that this update will greatly enhance your trading experience and help you reach your financial goals. If you have any questions or feedback, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.
Thank you for your continued support.
Best regards,
The ATM Indicator Team
Release Notes:
PanessoTech's new feature, Structure++, is a game-changer for traders looking to improve their profitability and execution timing. With Structure++, traders can take advantage of proper market structure and execute trades at the best opportune time. The feature eliminates the need to wait for a pullback to the trigger zone and alerts traders only when momentum remains intact after the pullback occurs.

While Structure++ offers many benefits, there are some potential downsides to consider. Traders may miss out on the exact top or bottom of a buy or sell move, as they will only be alerted after a pullback. However, it's important to keep in mind that successful trading isn't about catching every single top or bottom; it's about catching profitable pips. With Structure++, traders can maximize their profits and optimize their trading strategies. Additionally, Structure++ can be turned on or off according to your preferred style of trading.

One thing you can do if you wish to be alerted when the initial buy or sell is called AS WELL as be notified when the safe BUY and Sell is printed is by simply created TWO alerts. One without Structure++ activated and the other WITH it ON.

Here's an example of the new feature in ACTION:



Release Notes:
Update fixes label display for buys and sells.
Release Notes:
Update was due to a bug issue with the Structure ++
Please update your ATM tool by going to the indicator section and selecting ATM from the INVITE ONLY tab NOT select the ATM by going to the Favorite's Tab.

IT must be updated correctly.

thank you
Release Notes:
Update: Set Alerts for close sell and close buy specifically. This will come in handy using the Khaled Close Trade Strategy.
Release Notes:
Just a quick update-

Removed Ribbon Feature

Added StrongMA which include 3 moving averages that have proven to generate great opportunity for members of our community to enter on pullbacks as well as monitor trend strength.

You also have the ability to set alert on RETEST and it will alert you once price returns back to the Moving Average for entry opportunity.
Release Notes:
Fix added to the RETEST alert and display label. You can choose to display retest of the StrongMA in INPUT settings.
Release Notes:

Simple update providing traders the ability to add Market Sessions to their charts. Just go into the settings and switch on the Session Boxes so that you can easily determine which BUY or SELL is printed OUT OF SESSION. Trading in session will increase your overall performance and profitability.

Trade Safe

Release Notes:
Updated input settings.
Release Notes:
Structure ++ bug fix.

Previously we would have some triggers happen in NO MOMENTUM (GRAY CANDLE STRUCTURE) territory and we made sure Structure ++ is taking into account flat areas in the market as well as Structure.

Please make sure to check out this awesome feature as it will print Buys and Sells AFTER the pullpack occurs.

Release Notes:
Trigger parameter update. Please make sure to remove the ATM and re-upload under invite only tab.

thank you.
Release Notes:
Alerts Updated
Release Notes:
Super excited to provide you guys with this strategy addition to the ATM. This trading strategy should take your trading to the next level. HERE IS THE SIMPLE BREAKDOWN:

The ATM BOX Strategy provides set ups in LONDON and NY sessions ( TOKOYO is currently being backtested to ensure its consistency. )

There are four main components to a traidng set up:

The atm Box Strategy provides you with all four. ALL you must do is ensure that your lot size is adequate to your trading account and overall risk. The atm has a Lot size calculator if you need it.

1. ENTRY- once the box is formed. You must wait for a break out above or below the high of the BOX.
The breakout candle MUST be yellow or red. Should the breakout candle be GRAY we do not take the set up.

once you have a yellow candle break above the ATM BOX, you will see a trigger BUY appear.

2. RISK - Once the buy appears you make sure that your STOPS are below the trigger zone or the low or high of the ATM BOX. In the demenstration above, we are placing stops below the low of the box.

3. Take Profit- use your Long or Short projection tool and make sure your RR is set to 1: 1.5 risk to reward. I will explain how to mitigate your position to capture runners like 1:4, 1:6. etc

4. MITIGATION- Once you set your TP to 1.5 reward to risk, You will use the GANN tool to identify your projection quadrants. (Settings explained in the video)

You can secure partials at each quadrant level if you choose to just make sure that after we pass 50% you are at a ZERO RISK TRADE if you have not yet moved your stop loss to break even.

Release Notes:
adding an important box update to the ATM :)
Tokyo Session Parameters applied.

More pips :)
Release Notes:
Update fixes a bug that prevented the use of the ATM on USDT pairs.

USDT is now FIXED.
Release Notes:
The BOX strategy just got a whole lot better. Now providing you the ability to easily adjust the RR in the setting and have all your projections, Stop Loss and Take Profit displayed automatically on each set up.

Release Notes:
The alerts have been UPDATED. Now BOX strategy TP and SL will display correctly.

Removed bottom right trading panel and adjusted some inputs in the settings for easier use.

Thank YOU!
Release Notes:
Hey ATM family.

The new update provides the user the ability to add additional RR within the settings.

I have also made it to where the DEFAULT settings is the most optimal Box Strat setting for you to trade.

Please remember that once an update has occurred you would need to remove ATM OLD VERSION and go to INVITE ONLY TAB and replace the ATM from that tab only.

Thank you!
Release Notes:

1. You can now select and remove any session and its signals according to accuracy and win rate.

2. You can now filter out the breakout candle by increasing or decreasing the volume of the candle. Example: if the breakout candle carries a large wick, a filtration of 50% will ensure that those false breakouts wont set the SELL or BUY alert.

3. You can now add a decimal to the RISK calculator - before you would only be able to input 1 as the lowest risk.. now if you wish to know what lot size you need for a .5% risk.. the calculator is now able to do this.

4. Signals that appear between boxes are now completely filtered out.

Thank you guys, Hope you guys enjoy this new and improved way of filtering calls.
Release Notes:
Regular update.
Release Notes:
Minor changes to the parameters.
Release Notes:
Hello ATM FAM!
I hope this message finds you well. I am thrilled to update you on the latest enhancements to our ATM system, aimed at providing you with an even more seamless and efficient trading experience. Your patience has been greatly appreciated, and I am excited to share these new features with you:

Enhanced BUY and SELL Parameters:
We've fine-tuned our BUY and SELL parameters to offer you increased precision and control over your trades. Enjoy a more responsive and accurate trading experience with these improved settings.

Break Even Functionality:
Introducing the Break Even function! Now, you have the ability to set a specific percentage for Break Even (BE). This powerful feature ensures that your trades are protected by automatically adjusting your stop-loss to break even when the market moves in your favor. This way, you can secure profits and minimize potential losses.

ALERT Notifications:
Stay informed with our new ALERT feature. Receive timely notifications when it's the opportune moment to initiate the Break Even function. This real-time alert system keeps you in the loop, allowing you to make strategic decisions at the right time.

We want to express our sincere gratitude for your ongoing support and patience as we continue to enhance our platform. Your feedback has been invaluable in shaping these updates, and we're committed to delivering a trading experience that exceeds your expectations.

Feel free to explore these new features, and as always, if you have any questions or feedback, our support team is here to assist you.

Thank you for being a part of our community!

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