Stochastic RSI with Divergences

Took my other Log RSI script and plugged in Stochastic RSI to see how divergences play on an oscillator with two lines. Turns out divergences are good at predicting changes in the oscillator but that doesn't mean that the oscillator will always mimic price action.

Log vs. no log is virtually the same.

Credits to
@fskrypt for introducing geometric mean
Divergences by @RicardoSantos (@JustUncleL's edit)
Release Notes: Added toggle for using average of K and D or only K for divergences
Release Notes: Added toggle for (low strikerate) hidden divergences. Now off by default.
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is there any way to adjust the lookback period?
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Good job
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Thank you, very useful!
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pplscom HeroWanted
@HeroWanted, how to use this
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Thanks :)
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how can I get the ALARM???
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NeoButane yanebaby3

alertcondition(regular_bearish_div, "Regular Bearish Stoch RSI", "Regular bearish div. on SRSI")
alertcondition(regular_bullish_div, "Regular Bullish Stoch RSI", "Regular bullish div. on SRSI")
alertcondition(hidden_bearish_div, "Hidden Bearish Stoch RSI", "Hidden bearish div. on SRSI")
alertcondition(hidden_bullish_div, "Hidden Bullish Stoch RSI", "Hidden bullish div. on SRSI")

Add that to the bottom. Just a FYI it will let you know two candles late
Redallica NeoButane
@NeoButane, Is there a way to make the alerts sent quicker than 2 days late ? let's say just one day ? What do we need to change in the code ?
NeoButane Redallica
@Redallica, it is impossible because the alerts requires two bars to confirm.

You can try setting alerts on a lower timeframe, such as using alerts on the 12H, which mean it will send it 1 day late; if on 4H, 8 hours late. But doing so will mean having different Stoch RSI values.