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PATAlgo Signals & Patterns, as the name suggests Price Action Traders Algo is a go to indicator for the traders to do any technical analysis in the market that includes a Buy and Sell signals on the chart in different time frames, a trend tracer to define the market direction, Zones define the support and resistance level on real-time, auto marking of support and resistance levels, automatic trendlines setup, auto profiling with identifying the blocks, auto fib management, central pivot setup and much more features. PATAlgo Signals & Patterns is designed to help traders make more informed trading decisions by providing you with real-time insights into market trends and price movements. With its advanced algorithms and cutting-edge features, the indicator suite gives you a competitive edge in the markets and helps you stay ahead of the curve.

The indicator also comes with a chart and candle analysis setup which will be helpful for the traders to identify the patterns and take a conservative decision on the trades. Below are some of the core features from the indicator suite with an explanation.

  • PAT Signals - The elite feature of PATAlgo Signals & Patterns is the BUY/SELL signals based on the market analysis, trend analysis and multiple factors. The feature is controlled based on the couple of settings which are below.
  • Signal Mode – This is predominantly a nature of the trader style, if the trader is a scalper, or a swing trader or even a positional trader. The algos are curated to provide the trade setup based on the trader’s style so they are confident on the trend.
  • Signal Reactivity – This setting is mainly for the algo to shoot the signals based on the reactivity set. The settings normally vary between 1.2 to 6 with the least will provide more signals and the higher it will reduce the signals and provide the precise ones.
  • Signal Strength – This setting is to define the intensity of the signal strength ranging from 1 to 10.
  • PAT Trace - It is basically a trend tracer tool which captures the retracement effectively, the tool can be used in all the time frames but it’s very effective for scalpers and swing traders as it captures the market move precisely for these timeframes. PAT Trace basically analyses historical price data on a chart to identify and interpret patterns, support and resistance levels, trend lines, and other technical indicators. It helps traders make informed decisions by analyzing past price movements and anticipating potential future price actions.
  • PAT Trends - It is auto trending indicator based on the price action and the patterns. It’s very straight forward and this gives the traders the clarity on the moving trend and the break outs.
  • PAT Profile - It is a powerful tool used by traders in their technical analysis to analyze the traded volume at price levels in addition to the volume based on the market trend direction. By analyzing volume traded at different price levels, traders can uncover important support and resistance levels, track market sentiment, and make informed trading decisions. Incorporating the PAT Profile indicator into a comprehensive technical analysis strategy can enhance trading performance and improve risk management.
  • PAT S/R - It is an analysis tool can be useful tools for identifying key levels in the market without the need for manual analysis. While there are several indicators available our auto support and resistance levels gives the traders a view on the levels to trade.
  • PAT Auto FIB - PAT Auto Fib automatically plots Fibonacci retracement levels on a price chart. Fibonacci retracements are a popular analysis used in technical analysis to identify potential support and resistance levels based on Fibonacci ratios. The PAT Auto Fib indicator simplifies the process by automatically calculating and drawing these levels for the traders. PAT Auto Fib indicator will plot Fibonacci retracement levels on your chart. These levels are based on key Fibonacci ratios (typically 0.382, 0.500, and 0.618) and are commonly used to identify potential support and resistance areas. Traders often watch for price reactions or reversals near these levels as potential entry or exit points.
  • PAT Blocks - PAT Blocks represents significant buying or selling activity on a particular price level. These blocks are often characterised by a strong price rejection or consolidation, indicating a potential imbalance between supply and demand. These blocks are calculated by strong price acceptance or rejection on certain levels and presence of significant trading volumes. As traders you should be aware on how the price reacts at that block which can give subsequent reactions such as bounces or consolidations in those levels.
  • PAT Zone - PAT Zones are the key support and resistance zones on a price chart that indicate areas were buying and selling pressure is concentrated. These zones are formed based on historical price action and are used in technical analysis to make trading decisions.

Release Notes:
Update with minor bug fixes.
Release Notes:
Base setting updated as preset, adding an indicator will have the presets kept readily available.
Release Notes:
Minor bug fixes addressed for the trend tracer.
Release Notes:
New Feature Update:
> Auto Target setup showing the trend for the rest of the session and the target price range towards which the script will be executed
> Enhanced Alerts to provide much clear details about the script and also the events
Release Notes:
Update on PAT Signals and Stop Loss formulas and also on new CPR customization.
Release Notes:
Update on PAT Trends and Profile
Release Notes:
Bug fixes and added new functionalities.

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