BB% RSI Accompanying Backtesting Strategy

Version 1.0


This backtesting strategy indicator is a accompanying tool for use with my popular trading and alert indicator: BB% RSI Autoview & Alert Signal Advanced 9.09% Indicator 2.0
Reference Indicator Link:


This strategy has been programmed to act exactly how the accompanying indicator would be used with an automated strategy such as Autoview or through manual trading.

  • Has identical coloured signals with correct icons for reference with the indicators standard alert conditions (BUY/SELL/REVERSE/DIP)
  • The ability to toggle on or off the inclusion of the optional DIP and REVERSAL alerts within the strategy to match exactly how you have programmed to trade.
  • No short / longs for the most accurate representation of buys and sells, The strategy will keep buying on every optimal signal (+1 order quantity each time) and then sell all assets on a met sell condition (-all quantity), matching exactly how the reference indicator is used to buy/sell on eg. Binance and also give the most accurate statistics.
  • Fully customisable in the settings to match exactly how you have the reference indicator set up with alerts or how you are trading manually with it.
  • Ability to choose a timeframe, want to ignore the crypto boom at the latter stages of 2017? Sure you can, change the time frames in the settings to see a more recent representation of your trades.


This indicator is free for existing owners of my BB% RSI Indicator linked above as an accompanying tool to improve their strategy and net more profit. If you would like access to any of my indicators or would like to know more please find me on my community discord channel where you can find indicator details/documentation and general help:

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Thank you for the immense support everyone, happy trading!
- Falco
Release Notes: Minor UI Fix
Release Notes: Version 1.1

New Features

  • A highly awaited feature, % Stop Loss and % Take Profit has been added to the strategy indicator! As this indicator is based on buying / selling (longs) used with Autoview or manual swing trading on crypto markets the SL and TP levels only apply to buys (longs) currently but I will look to expand this in the future to accommodate those using this script for shorts too.


For all access, trial, purchase and community questions come over and join my community here:

Thanks for the immense support as always!
Release Notes: Update

- Bringing the backtesting strategy in-line with the latest updates on the trading indicator version
Release Notes: MACD

  • MACD has been added to the indicator to allow even more flexibility within this indicator often making very high quality trades when dialed in correctly. As with all settings the MACD parameters are fully customisable so you are not limited by a set strategy.

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Release Notes: Fixed Bug With DIP and REVERSAL conditions
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