MarketGod v7

Release notes to be added with general release.
Release Notes: See Release notes above
Release Notes:
  • Keltner Channel Visual Fixed
  • Pivots Visual Fixed
  • Chart Smush Attempted Fix (this will be ongoing)
Release Notes: v7.0.2
  • Variable Alerts Added
  • Chop Filter 'Power' adjusted to 100. Was previously 30.
    [*[ Removal of Guppy EMA & Ichimoku visuals, in attempt to keep Buy/Sell alerts easy to find in alerts panel
Release Notes: Editing a typo
Release Notes: Upgrades in sync with other tools in our suite
  • Removing visuals
  • Clean code
Release Notes: Price Labeling Fixes
Release Notes:
  • Release Notes: v7.1 Strategy - As promised in community Discord
  • Upgraded and removed bugs
  • Strategy and indicator each in alignment now with the other
Release Notes: Minor adjustmnt to move the time function and align the labels
Release Notes: Re-added label size options
Release Notes: v7.2.1
Release Notes: v7.2.1
Release Notes: Removed the data window upgrades until concept is perfected on our end.
Added fix to alert clause.. all should be as was expected yeserday (same buy/sell criteria & alerts working etc)
Release Notes: Bugs with alerts fixed (in theory).
Release Notes: v7.2.4
Release Notes: v7.2.5 - accidental switch to buy and sell alert clauses. Fixed.
Release Notes: Bug fixes to alerts that we implemented. by accident last week.
Changes to plots and source appearance.
Release Notes: Upgrade to MarketGod v7.2.7
- In alignment with upgrade to MarketGod v7.2.7 Strategy
- Updates to accuracy in plotting etc
- No Need to Reset Alerts, Buy and Sell Criteria Remains the Same
Release Notes: Fixing an Alert Bug that released yesterday
Release Notes: Release Notes: MarketGod v7 Update - July 12th 2020
  • We have fixed the labeling problem present under plot type => labels => crypto (satoshi)
  • We have also added a component that may impact the users experience with buy and sell alerts. We encourage users to reset the alerts established to keep their charts up to date.
Release Notes: Alert System Error - Repaired on 7/14/20
Release Notes: Discord Complaints
Release Notes: Upgrading to v7.4
Release Notes: Upgrade to MarketGod for Tradingview
Release Notes: Matching TVMarketGod and MarketGodx

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