Bollinger Bands Lab - by InFinito

Variation of the Moving Average Lab that includes Bollinger Bands functionality for any manually created Moving Average. It includes:

  • - Standard Deviations for any MA
  • - Fixed Symmetrical Deviations for any MA that remain at a constant % away from the MA
  • - The same Moving Average creation settings from the Moving Average Lab

"The Moving Average Lab allows to create any possible combination of up to 3 given MAs. It is meant to help you find the perfect MA that fits your style, strategy and market type.

This script allows to average, weight, double and triple multiple types and lengths of Moving Averages

Currently supported MA types are:



- Double or Triple any type of Moving Average using the same logic used for calculating DEMAs and TEMAs
- Average 2 or 3 different types and lengths of Moving Average
- Weight each MA manually
- Average up to 3 personalized MAs
- Average different Moving Averages with different length each "

The preview screenshot shows:
- The combination of:
- 200 LSMA - Weight: 1
- 200 HMA - Weight: 2
- 200 VWMA - Weight: 1 - Double
- The regular Bollinger Band setting, 2 standard deviations
- Two fixed symmetrical deviations at 15% and 20% away from the XMA

If you want to support the work:

BTC: bc1qvag25270s20gqyun9sndjnv7tnvx8jj5ay62n5
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