Binance BTCUSDT Tether Adjusted

This provides a Binance BTCUSDT ticker that is more aligned with spot exchange price.

There is an invisible line added to so it is possible to add indicators like MAs to it. It must be turned on in options to be used.

Possible usecases:
  • Add it to a Binance chart as a price source but keep real volume
  • To feel like you have an edge
  • For an more accurate and liquid representation of spot price
Release Notes: Shortened names for readability
Release Notes: Notes are more verbose, fixed line. Untick 'Scale Price Chart Only' if you're having difficulty seeing it.
Release Notes: Since Kraken has a strange TradiingView error on Jan. 25 2020, I've added Bittrex as a fallback in case the USDTUSD value is skewed.
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