Wick-off Check Pattern [Misu]

█ This Indicator shows a wick-off check pattern.
This pattern appears when a candle goes below a level (support or resistance) and closes above it OR when it goes above a level and finishes below it. This causes a wick to go through the level: a wick-off check
This can confirm a pullback or a breakout.

█ Usages:
This indicator can be used to validate a resistance or support level.
It can also be used to validate breaking levels.

█ Parameters:
Deviation: Parameter used to calculate pivots.
Depth: Parameter used to calculate pivots.
Wickoff Mode: Mode used to detect Wickoff check pattern.
> counter pattern: only shows "pullback" wickoff check.
> breakout pattern: only shows "breakout moves" wickoff check.
> both: shows both.
Lenght Avg Body: Lenght used to calculate the average body size.
First Breakout Factor:
Lenght Avg Wick Validation: This factor multiplied by the "body avg" filters out the non-significant breakout.
Factor Avg Wick Validation: Lenght used to calculate the average wick size.
Max Bars Wickoff: This factor multiplied by the "wick avg", filters out the non-significant wickoff signals.

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