Renko Buy/Sell Signals - @IchimokuScholar

A very simple buy/sell signal indicator for Renko charts.
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Hey man! I was wondering how to properly set up buy/sell alerts with this indicator properly! Any ideas how to do so?
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can I get the script to test it?
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Hi Buddy , i need to make a Deal with You .... i need this Indicator Source code so I can make a Expert Advisor for MT4 ... so would be nice if we can talk about it , thanks
How to use this ?
love the indicator.. test was good.
Super cool indicator man.

I can only see daily and above charts on TV with Renko, would it be possible to have your indicator paint with projection up/down "bars"? Right now it only gives a signal from previous day's move. Again quality job dude, keep up good work!!
Hi, I want to test?