Electrified Momentum Overlay

Visualizes a moving average and changes in momentum in one overlay.

8 phase alert options.
Release Notes: Use signal color to values.
Release Notes:
  • Improved sensitivity by including MACD style momentum as well as derived.
  • Improved usefulness as color ques are more preemptive.
  • Improved readability of code logic.
  • Consolidated got getMA() function.
  • Allow for rendering using either derived or slow MA.
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great work! tis looks very promising. is there a chance that you could implement a function to choose from various moving averages instaed of just ema/wma? or is there a particular reason for that? could be very interesitng with your VAWMA. Did you tested it out on smaller time frames like 5 or 15 mins and can recommend settings?
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