Multi-Indicator Confluence Signals (MICS) - Complete!

Now with adjustable settings!

The Multi-Indicator Confluence Signals (MICS) is a comprehensive trading tool designed to simplify the process of analyzing multiple technical indicators and uncluttering your screen!

You are able to select various pre-existing indicators, including Stochastic, RSI, MACD, EMA, DMI, Bollinger Band and a our very own custom signal we created using only price action calculations which will provide a streamlined view of the market, allowing traders to focus on speed, trade execution, strategy, and chart reading.

We do this by converting the input from the above popular technical indicators and generate clear long and short signals by placing green(long) and/or red(short) arrows directly on the chart.

You have the option to choose which indicators you want to show on the screen and also the option to choose long and/or short signals and it even comes with the option to adjust the settings of each respective pre-existing indicator to your liking, even our very own price action signal!

Example of the settings you can adjust + many more.

Unclutter your screen by going from this image...(Imagine your own drawings+the above indicators):

To this! (Only long signals displayed in the picture)


Consolidated signals:
The MICS identifies bull and bearish signals from multiple indicators and presents them in a visual arrow pointing manner, enabling traders to quickly assess potential trade opportunities.

Unique price action signals:
The price action arrows in the MICS trading tool are a unique feature that distinguish it from traditional technical indicators.
These arrows are generated solely based on recent price movement and are calculated using an algorithm that analyzes the strength of recent price action.
The algorithm also considers factors such as the length and intensity of the trend, as well as any notable support or resistance levels.

When the 'Price Action Long' or 'Price Action Short' options are enabled, the MICS will display green or red arrows respectively, indicating potential bullish or bearish signals.
These arrows complement the signals generated by other pre-existing technical indicators in the MICS .

Clutter-free charting:
By removing the need to display individual indicators on the chart, the MICS helps create a cleaner workspace, promoting better focus and decision-making.

Confluence-based trading:
The MICS is not designed to be used as a standalone trading system.
Instead, traders should utilize the signals as confluences to complement their pre-existing trade ideas, leading to more robust and well-informed strategies.

Mashup of Indicators:
Each indicator has its own strengths and weaknesses, but by combining them, the MICS can provide a more comprehensive view of the market.

For example, Stochastic and RSI are commonly used to measure overbought and oversold conditions, while MACD and EMA are used to identify trend direction. DMI, on the other hand, is used to gauge the strength of a trend, while Bollinger Bands can be used to identify potential breakouts.

By combining the signals from these indicators, the MICS can provide traders with a more nuanced view of the market, allowing them to make better-informed trading decisions, quickly!

How They Work Together:
The MICS generates signals by analyzing the input from each individual indicator.

If the indicators show a bullish trend, the MICS will display this by showing the indicators you selected in the settings with green long arrows, indicating a potential long trade.

Conversely, if the indicators show a bearish trend, the MICS will display red short arrows, indicating a potential short trade.

In addition, the MICS uses a unique price action signal generated solely based on recent price movement, calculated using an algorithm that analyzes the strength of recent price action.
This price action signal is a distinguishing feature of the MICS and complements the signals generated by the pre-existing technical indicators.

What Makes the MICS Original?

What makes the MICS unique is its emphasis on providing a clutter-free charting experience.
By displaying only clear long and short signals directly on the chart based on your own selection in the settings, the MICS eliminates the need to have multiple indicators cluttering the screen, allowing traders to concentrate on making informed decisions, quickly!

This price action signal is a also unique feature that sets the MICS apart from other technical indicators.

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