Golden/Death X BF πŸš€

A golden cross occurs when the 50 MA crosses above the 200 MA.
A death cross occurs when the 50 MA crosses below the 200 MA.

You can adjust the following settings for each Moving Average:

  • Source - open, high, low, close, hl2 , hlc3, ohlc4
  • Type - sma , ema , swma , wma
  • Period - integers greater than 0

The chart background turns green or red upon a cross.
Release Notes: Added alerts, long for a golden cross, short for a death cross.
Release Notes: Added Buy/Sell shapes instead of bg lines. Updated Timeframe
Release Notes: Small comments added
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This script is bad ass and you are a bad ass programmer. This was the same idea I was trying to write, but when I discovered how clean your code was, I was like DAMMMN son! I got a new BF son.
bennef blissfulStar
@blissfulStar, I'm happy you found it useful. Obviously feel free to modify it for your own purposes; all my open-source scripts are on TradingView. This script could do with bringing up to date to be honest.
great script! how would alerts be set up for it? Can't figure out a way. Thanks!
bennef infamouscrypto
@infamouscrypto, Added.
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