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What’s the purpose of this indicator?
This indicator is designed to integrate probabilities with liquidity levels, while also providing a mechanical method for identifying market structure by using Fractals by Williams.
How does this indicator identify market structure?
This script identifies breaks of market structure by analyzing candle closures above or below swing levels.
As soon as a candle has closed above or below the initial swing on your charts, the script validates that there is at least one swing preceding the break before confirming it as a structural break.
Once a break is occured then it assigns a numeric ID to the break starting from 1 and draws two extremities: one as liquidity and the other as invalidation (LIQ/INV).
What do the extremities show us on the charts?
you'll see two clear extremities on your charts:

1. The first extremity represents the structural liquidity level. (LIQ)
2. The other extremity indicates the level that, if price breaks through it, results in a structural shift to the opposite side. (INV)
How does it calculate probabilities?
Each break of market structure, denoted as X, is assigned a unique ID, starting from X1 for the first break, X2 for the second, and so on.

The probabilities are calculated based on breaks holding, meaning price closing through the liquidity level, rather than invalidation. This probability is then divided by the total count of similar numeric breaks.

For example, if 75 out of 100 bullish X1s become X2, then the probability of X1 becoming X2 on your charts will be displayed as 80% in the following format: ⬆ 75%
What are the Fractal blocks?
Fractal blocks refer to the most extreme swing candle within the latest break. They can serve as significant levels for price rejection and may guide movements toward the next break, often in confluence with probability analysis for added confirmation.

If the price retraces back to a bullish fractal block, we aim to look for buy/long positions. Conversely, if the price retraces back to a bearish fractal block, we aim to look for sell/short positions.
What are mitigations?
Mitigations refer to specific price action occurrences identified by the script:

1- When the price reaches the most recent fractal block and confirms a swing candle, the script automatically draws a line from the swing to the fractal block bar and labels it with a checkmark.
1- If the price wicks through the invalidation level and then retraces back to the fractal block while forming a swing candle, the script labels this as a double mitigation on the chart.

This level will serve as the next potential invalidation level if a break occurs in the same direction.
What does the bottom table display?
The bottom table presents numeric breaks across multiple timeframes, with the text color indicating the trend direction. Enabling traders to assess the higher timeframes market trend without needing to switch between timeframes manually.
How to use the indicator?

1. Add "OptiRange | Fractalyst" to your TradingView chart.
2. Choose the pair you want to analyze or trade.
3. Start with the 12-month timeframe.
4. Use the table bias with the maximal settings to find the lowest timeframe that’s showing you the mitigation (✓)
5. Confirm that the probability of the current liquidity is higher than 50%.
6. Place your limit order at the Fibonacci level of 0.618 of the mitigation candle.
7. Set your stop-loss at the mitigation level.
8. Determine your take profit based on the liquidity of the current timeframe, or if possible, the liquidity of a higher timeframe in the same direction; otherwise, use the liquidity of the current timeframe.
9. Risk adjustment and Trade management based on your personal preferences.
User-input settings and customizations
What makes this indicator original?

- This script leverages Fractals, a fundamental concept in many trading methodologies.

- For a break to be considered valid, price must have at least two swings:
a swing high followed by a swing low for bullish breaks and a swing low follow by a swing high for bearish breaks.

- This means that each swing point is confirmed by the formation of two candles on its left and two candles on its right, totaling 5 candles for each swing high and swing low, thus requiring 10 candles overall. (This strict rule ensures a thorough assessment of market structure before confirming a break.)

- The script assigns a unique numerical ID to each break of structure, starting from 1.
This numbering system enables the script to calculate the probability of the most recent break becoming the next break, while also factoring in the trend direction.

- Additionally, this script provides insights into higher timeframes' break IDs in the bottom/top centre table, keeping traders informed about the overall higher timeframe picture.

- By integrating these methodologies, the script introduces a unique and systematic method for identifying market structure, thereby enhancing its originality in guiding trading decisions.

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Release Notes:
- Decreased loading time by utilizing Pine Profiler.
- Added Minimal and Maximal options to Blocks, allowing customization within fractal blocks.
- Added Minimal and Maximal options to the bias table, allowing customization of the group of timeframes and their mitigations.
- Bug fixes.

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