Williams %R Liquidity Sweeps [UAlgo]


The "Williams %R Liquidity Sweeps " designed to identify potential liquidity sweeps based on the Williams %R oscillator. The indicator helps traders spot areas where liquidity may be accumulating or dispersing rapidly, which can signal potential buying or selling opportunities or confluence/confirmation your decisions.

🔶Key Features:

Williams %R Oscillator: The indicator utilizes the Williams %R oscillator, a momentum indicator that measures overbought and oversold levels.

Liquidity Sweep Detection: It identifies liquidity sweeps by detecting pivot highs and lows within the Williams %R oscillator (Sweeps only occur in Overbought/Oversold zones).

Customizable Parameters: Traders can adjust various parameters such as oscillator length, overbought/oversold levels, pivot length, and maximum lines to suit their trading preferences.

Visual Representation: Liquidity sweeps are visually represented on the chart with labels and points that waiting for sweep (green and red lines default) are can be used as support and resistance zones. The indicator dynamically manages the display of support and resistance lines. Removing outdated lines to maintain relevance.

Example for Oscillator Liquidity Sweep:


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The effectiveness of the indicator may vary depending on market conditions, trading strategies, and other factors. Traders should exercise caution and practice proper risk management techniques when using this or any other trading tool.

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