MZ SRSI Strategy V1.0

Strategy Introduction

  • This strategy starts from selection of 1st Moving Average from one of following:
  • SMA
  • EMA
  • DEMA
  • TEMA
  • LRC
  • WMA
  • MF
  • VAMA
  • TMA
  • HMA
  • JMA
  • Kijun v2
  • McGinley
    Then it calculates the RSI of selected 1st Moving Average
    In the end it calculates Moving Average of previously calculated RSI and for this purpose 2nd Moving Average is also selected from above list.
    Cross of RSI and its Moving Average generates Strategy Alerts
    Only long trades are enabled currently

  • Default Settings

  • I've set the default selection to the perfect options for 1D and 4h timeframes. You can modify both MAs selection and their length according to your selected timeframe.
  • Following default settings are used:
  • Heiken Ashi Candles are selected by default as source
  • 1st Moving Average selection is set to LRC ( Linear Regression Curve)
  • Length of 1st Moving Average is set to 50
  • RSI length is set to 2 because it is supposed to be fast
  • 2nd Moving Average of RSI is set to TMA (Triangular Moving Average)
  • Length of 1st Moving Average is set to 5
  • Start date is set to 2011
  • Backtesting can also be done selecting %age of equity

  • Suggestions for Usage

    Mostly winning trades have no prominent drawdown so losing trades can be abolished with Stoploss. Would soon add Stoploss, MTF and Takeprofit options in next version. Also if you want an alerts version of it then just comment below and would publish it later. I’ve found this strategy useful on 1D and 4h timeframes with described default settings.

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