200 EMA Filtered Parabolic SAR

This script uses Parabolic SAR with the 200 EMA to determine long and short trends. Only long signals are given when the price is above the 200MA and shorts when it is below. Signals are further filtered using ADX to reduce noise.

Suitable for trading bots where open positions in the same type are set to be ignored.

Alerts are built in.
Release Notes: Added optional alerts for exits
Release Notes: Adjusted filtering on entries
Release Notes: Switching snapshot image to classic candles
Release Notes: Added the option to plot the 21 EMA
Protected script
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it works well
requesting you to please provide the pine code
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What does ES and EL mean, please?
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colinmck jay3fisher1810
@jay3fisher1810, 'Exit short' and 'Exit long'
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Hello sir! Thank you for this extra edge. Any certain time frame works better or does not matter?
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jayjaywins jayjaywins
I have also had good profits riding the reversals of the ES and EL.. with proper risk management and proper SL.. thoughts?
can u please make the 21 ema work as trend indicator?It would work much better with one very fast ema one medium and one slow
is the 1 hour the best time frame to use this?
colinmck mckayboyd10
@mckayboyd10, It's not really tailored for any one timeframe, but I would say the old rule stills stands: the higher the timeframe, the higher the win rate.
Hi, this Inidcator looks really nice.
But please, could you change the 4 alert conditions to one alert?
This would save some alerts.

If you need help, just write me :)
Greetings! Love this Indicator BTW. Question: I noticed that sometime the signals differs when you switch your chart type from candles to Heikin Ashi candles and other types. Why is that? And which chart type do you recommend that we use?