New Age Pivots

Here I'm proposing possibly the simplest and most relevant pivot style for intraday traders like me.

It utilizes fundamentals of the average range and devises S/R around that. Pivot point in this is today's open (colored lime), which is far more relevant than yesterday's/past data based pivots .

This is an attempt to reduce the influence of historical data as much as possible, as traders grow in their experience and skill, this becomes the newest and most successful methodology to stay profitable over the long run. Just my pov .

This is purely for educational purposes, no past performance be it visual or mathematical is a guarantee of success in the future. Use it at your own discretion.

The author takes no responsibility of your individual profit or loss. Also, the script will be checked protected for protection against theft, however, you can use it by adding to your favorites.

I've added the ability to hide and view historical S/R as well, it looks best when your chart is clutter-free.


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One of the best indicator, completely clutter-free and formed based on the most relevant data set. Working perfectly for me, thank you for making this indicator.
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