Non-Lag Inverse Fisher Transform of RSX [Loxx]

Non-Lag Inverse Fisher Transform of RSX is an Inverse Fisher Transform on the Non-Lagged Smoothing Filter of Jurik RSX.

What is the Inverse Fisher Transform?
The Inverse Fisher Transform was authored by John Ehlers. The IFT applies some math functions and constants to a moving average of the relative strength index (rsi) of the closing price to calculate its oscillator position. T

read more here: https://www.mesasoftware.com/papers/TheInverseFisherTransform.pdf

What is RSX?
RSI is a very popular technical indicator, because it takes into consideration market speed, direction and trend uniformity. However, the its widely criticized drawback is its noisy (jittery) appearance. The Jurk RSX retains all the useful features of RSI , but with one important exception: the noise is gone with no added lag.

What is the Non-lag moving average?
The Non Lag Moving average follows price closely and gives very quick signals as well as early signals of price change. As a standalone Moving Average, it should not be used on its own, but as an additional confluence tool for early signals.

  • Alerts
  • Signals
  • Bar coloring

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