ck - Crypto Correlation Indicator

A simple Correlation Indicator initially configured for Crypto Trader use (but other markets can use this too).
It plots the correlation between the current chart (say BTCUSD ) versus 4 user-definable indices, currency pairs, stocks etc.

By default, the indicator is preconfigured for:
GOLD (Oz/$),
Dow Jones Index (DJI),
Standard & Poor 500 Index (SPX) ,
Dollar Index ( DXY )

You can set the period (currently 1D resolution) in the "Period" box in the settings, valid inputs are:
minutes (number), days (1D, 2D, 3D etc), weeks (1W, 2W etc), months (1M, 2M etc)

Length is the lagging period/smoothing applied - default is 14

When changing comparison instruments/tickers, you may find it useful to prefix the exchange with the instrument's ticker, for example:

*** Idea originally from the brilliant Backtest Rookies - ***
Release Notes: Bug fix: ticker 4 was not plotting correctly
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