[RS]Function - Minkowski_distance

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Minkowski distance is a metric in a normed vector space. Minkowski distance is used for distance similarity of vector. Given two or more vectors, find distance similarity of these vectors.
Release Notes: added more examples and a bug with valuewhen().
Release Notes: fixed, now it calculates accurately.
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Yes this is super interesting! Does anyone know why this maxes and reverses most often when prices are hitting lows? On equities anyway... I have yet to study this on futures/commodities
RicardoSantos TransitMan
h = valuewhen(high >= highest(10), high, 0)
b = valuewhen(high >= highest(10), n, 0)
mdn = f_minkowski_distance(h, b, close, n, p)

its checking the distance to the last high/pivot/resistance point
TransitMan RicardoSantos
@RicardoSantos, Thanks Ricardo I can't thank you enough for sharing so much of your intelligence, hard work and creative talent which reminds me I need to share some funds to you and others who I have come to rely on Do you have pay-pal share link?
Interesting! With EMA length = 2, the curve is very close to historical volatility. When replacing the EMA expression with close, it seems to be virtually the same curve (but different values of course).
Epi_ Epi_
"Replacing the EMA expression with close(t-1)..." (TV seems to filter the 1 in brackets that I typed.)
@Epi_, Yep, I was playing with values 8 and 55 and it looks like it can be a useful volatility indicator.
This is interesting, thanks for sharing!