Quantitative Trend Strategy- Uptrend long

Trend Strategy #1

1. SMA
2. Pivot high/low functions derived from SMA
3. Step lines to plot support and resistance based on the pivot points
4. If the close is over the resistance line, green arrows plot above, and vice versa for red arrows below support.

1. Long Only
2. Mutable 2% TP/1.5% SL
3. 0.01% commission
4. When the close is greater than the pivot point of the sma pivot high, and the close is greater than the resistance step line, a long position is opened.
*At times, the 2% take profit may not trigger IF; the conditions for reentry are met at the time of candle closure + no exit conditions have been triggered.
5. If the position is in the green and the support step line crosses over the resistance step line, positions are exited.

How to use it and what makes it unique:
Use this strategy to trade an up-trending market using a simple moving average to determine the trend. This strategy is meant to capture a good risk/reward in a bullish market while staying active in an appropriate fashion. This strategy is unique due to it's inclusion of the step line function with statistics derived from myself.

This description tells the indicators combined to create a new strategy, with commissions and take profit/stop loss conditions included, and the process of strategy execution with a description on how to use it. If you have any questions feel free to PM me and boost if you enjoyed it. Thank you, pineUSERS!
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