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Imaging knowing what direction the market is heading hours in advance. Imagine getting a signal to take a long or short position literally as price action trends in your direction. Imagine being right 70% or 80% of the time (maybe more). Imaging pocketing gains from 1% to 3% to 5% or more with the confidence of a champion trader!...

...THIS is the potential of The RISE AND DROP FORECASTER. This is a powerful tool in any traders arsenal. It has been optimized for forecasting on a 1 HOUR to 4 HOUR chart, but with minor adjustments, it will work on other timeframes as well.

Using a process of divergency monitoring across multiple standard oscillators and indicators such as MOMENTUM, CCI , STOCHASTICS, RSI , MACD , and the Chaikin Money Flow , this indicator has the uncanny ability to foretell market movement with a high level of accuracy.

Is it perfect? No. Is it better than other indicators? Well... it is like having a bunch of the best indicators together, collectively giving you one combined opinion... candle by candle as you go along.

If a rise in prices is coming, this indicator will tell you (typically hours in advance). If a price drop is just around the corner, the RISE AND DROP FORECASTER will do just as its name implies, it will forecast in advance a market move to the downside.

Some signals will be strong and decisive, but the RISE AND DROP FORECASTER will also inform you of weaker signals so you can evaluate all your opportunities.

Included at the bottom of this indicator is a series of Weighted Sine Wave "Dots" (red and green) that allow you to double check all signals before committing to any trade.

Forecasts and Signals are presented as DOTS, ARROWS and BACKGROUND.

The color code are:

  • GRAY = represents a neutral zone (EXCEPT for the first gray after any other color, which is often a trigger signal or point of interest.)
  • RED = indicates a maximum peek in prices with a decline forthcoming (you can prepare to short -OR- sell any longs you are holding).
  • ORANGE = depicts a moderate to strong price zone (often proceeds RED in uptrend and follows RED in as prices weaken).
  • GREEN = shows you when there is a moderate uptrend forthcoming or in progress. (often proceeds LIME in a downtrend and follows LIME as prices begin to reverse).
  • LIME = means you are near a BUY (go long) zone but should wait for a price reversal signal to the upside (the first gray after green is a LONG trigger to consider).

The RISE AND DROP FORECASTER comes with built-in ALERTS for Tradingview.

You can set a Tradingview alert to signal you each time you enter a forecast zone (rise coming or drop coming). Any time frame is ok, but we recommend 1 HOUR CANDLES (or greater) for best results.

To set alerts, select the RiseDrop Forecaster in the alert set-up window, then select the type alert you want:

Drop Soon, Up Soon, Drop Now, Up Now, Long Out, Short Out
Set parameters to GREATER THAN / VALUE = 0 --- that's it.

Every time a "Drop Soon" Zone appears you'll get a notification. Every time an "Up Soon" Zone Begins appears you'll get a notification. And if you set up the "NOW" alerts, you'll also get "Drop Now" and "Up Now" alerts at just the point in time where price action might present a great opportunity.

Finally, there are optional "OUT" alerts that can advise you on exiting a trade you are in: A Long Green Out BLACK Diamond means you should consider exiting any long -and- Short Red Out BLACK Diamond means you might should exit any open shorts. These BLACK DIAMOND OUT signals must be toggled on from your setting panel to view them on your charts.

While this indicator attempts to signal interesting price movement opportunities on the chart via signals, you can also study this indicators' output and make some smart calls based on what you see. Paying attention to the COLORS is one thing, but also the DOT patterns as they plot upward and downward. These patterns leave clues that might become tradable actions if you detect recurring patterns in history. Give it a try!

WARNING: Don't trade signals blindly! The signals from this indicator are signals to STOP, LOOK, EVALUATE, and MAKE A DECISION. Sometimes doing nothing or waiting is the best decision.

Before basing any trading action on a signal from the RISE AND DROP FORECASTER, review the history of the asset you are trading (have signals in the past worked out well?), select a timeframe that appears to have the best history of good signals, adjust settings if needed. Double-check everything. Start with smaller capital investments until you are skilled with the use of this indicator.

  • 1) Install and select your asset.
  • 2) Review options in settings.
  • 3) Start with 1 HOUR plus timeframes.
  • 4) Study the results and price action in history.
  • 5) OPTIONAL: Set-up alerts.
  • 6) Start with smaller trades as you learn.

It is recommended you use this indicator in combination with other indicators, plus your knowledge of trading and market conditions. This will help you refine your trading opportunities and assure greater success.

This RISE AND DROP FORECASTER works well as a stand-alone but it is even better with the GRID RANGE FINDER INDICATOR, the GRID BOX MAPPER, the GRID START INDICATOR, the BULLY BAR, the free HEIKIN ASHI TRUE PRICE DOT INDICATOR or many other indicators.

The RISE AND DROP FORECASTER is ideal for grid traders but any trader will benefit from these price predictions regardless of what type trading you do.

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Release Notes:

  • TRIGGER "AGGRESSIVE BUY+" SIGNALS - Long Trade Opportunities (toggle on/off in settings)
  • TRIGGER "AGGRESSIVE SELL+" SIGNALS - Short Trade Opportunities (toggle on/off in settings)

Release Notes:
Made a minor adjustment to indicator color scheme. Improved predictions.

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