Rain On Me V2

As promised, here is Rain On Me Indicator V2! As the name suggests, this indicator will rain money down on you. More seriously, Rain On Me V2 is a complete overhaul of the V1.
For those who are new to this indicator or for those who already knew it, here is a complete description of this indicator.

This indicator contains:

-Fully configurable multi-timeframe buy or sell signals based on ATR with the possibility to set the period, deviation, period of the ATR and choose the source or type of signals: RMA, SMA , EMA , WMA , VWMA , SMMA , KMA, TMA, HullMA, DEMA , TEMA , CTI .
-Colouring of candles on ATR. (green and red).
-Buy or sell signals with VPT (based on st_dev) with the possibility of adjusting the period and the multiplier. (Only works in markets with available volume information flows).
-Trend Parabolic SAR (Up / Down) fully configurable.
-Divergences with the possibility of choosing among the following signals: MACD , OBV, RSI , CCI .
-3 Moving averages with the possibility of choosing their values ​​and their type for each one: SMA , EMA , RMA, WMA , VWMA . (default: WMA 1 = 7, WMA 2 = 21 and SMA 3 = 50).
-Fibonacci on 10 levels with level 0 in the middle. This Fibonacci helps a lot as it can make it easy for you to find an entry / exit point, a trend and even where to place your Take Profit and Stop Loss.
-Fully customizable Bollinger Band .
-Fully customizable Ichimoku cloud .
-Multi-timeframe Trendline that tells you the true trend of the current market based on volume . (Only works in markets with available volume information flows). It can change from green (for an uptrend) or red (downtrend) color.

To place an alert, always choose the "Once per bar" option.
You can place alerts on the following options:

-GO Buy / GO Sell (ATR).
-VPT Buy / Sell.
-PSAR (Up / Down).
-Divergences ( Bullish / Bearish ).
-Crossing of moving averages 1 and 2.
-Fibonacci key levels (0.382, 0.5 and 0.618) for Crossunder and Crossover in an uptrend or downtrend.
You can choose to show or hide from the chart all the options mentioned above.
Never follow buy or sell signals stupidly. Always watch that all the indicators are going in the same direction, that you are not in a range zone, that there is no resistance etc ...
Always wait for confirmation after a buy or sell alert before entering a position to make sure the label stays on the chart and doesn't disappear.

Please feel free to give your ideas, suggestions or bug reports in the comments area to help me improve it.


Good trade everyone! And remember, money management is the most important!
Release Notes: -Return of the old ATR algorithm because less lags on the signals without the MA's. MTF is not useful on this type of algorithm.

-Minor Improvements.


don't hesitate to report bugs, suggestions and follow me to always be kept informed of the next updates to come!

Thank again for your support!
Release Notes: -ATR Period setted up to 5 by default.
Release Notes: -Fixed alert message for VPT showing "Alert Fired!" Instead "VPT Buy" or "VPT Sell".
Release Notes: BIG UPDATE :

-New checkbox "Show S/R Lines" option that will show you support (green), resistance (red) and range (yellow) lines on your chart.
-New checkbox "Show S/R Info Panel" option that will show you an info panel in the right side of Fibonacci which will show you support and resistance prices based on key Fibonacci levels (R1, R2, R3 and S1, S2, S3). You can also choose the period of the prices displayed from the "S/R Lines Period" drop-down menu in the settings.
-New option with the possibility of setting the timezone hours of each market (by default the times are set in UTC) accompanied by a checkbox for each of them "Show Market Low Volatility Bar Color" which will allow you to color the bars in white color to show low volatility areas with more visibility. This is automatically adjusted according to the hours set for each timezone (opening and closing time of each market)
-ATR Period are now set to 14 and Multiplier to 1.5 by default.
Release Notes: -"Show S/R Info Panel" checkbox renamed to "Show Fibonacci Info Panel" and "S/R Info Panel Period" scrolling menu is now in the same scrolling menu then "Fibonacci Period" cause they are linked.
Release Notes: -Minor Improvements.
Release Notes: -Minor Improvements.
Release Notes: -Minor improvements.
Release Notes: -ATR adjusted to 4 and ATR Multiplier to 0.25 by default.
-PSAR Signal + ATR Signal on same candle = 80% entry.
Release Notes: -Minor improvement.
Release Notes: -Minor improvement.
Release Notes: -Following the request of several users the number of buy and sell signals have been reduced.

-A "Show Gaps" checkbox has been added. It will allow you to highlight the areas of gaps.
Release Notes: -Minor Improvements.
Release Notes: -Following the asking of many users, all timezone options are now back into settings.
-Removed Gaps option instead.
Release Notes: -Improved Bollinger.
Release Notes: -Removed Bar Color checkbox (Bar Color is now included into ATR, VPT and PSAR).
-New « Golden Doji » option with alerts.
-Removed all TimeZone to let only one for having more space in the code to add new options.
-Return of the old Bollinger (to have more visibility on the chart).
Release Notes: -ATR mult set to 2 instead of 1 by default.
-Improved PSAR.
-Added SuperTrend with alerts.
-Minors Improvements.
Release Notes: -Fixed bug in Bar Color for PSAR and SuperTrend.
Release Notes: -Minors improvements.
Release Notes: -Bar Color is back with all bug fixed.
Release Notes: -Minor Improvements.
Release Notes: -Minor Improvements.

Release Notes: -Minor Improvement.
Release Notes: -Bug fix on PSAR.
Release Notes: -Added Crossline Trend on PSAR.
Release Notes: -Removed Crossline on PSAR for more visibility.

Sorry for your alerts guys but I just follow yours suggestions to make this perfect. 🚀
Release Notes: -Minor Improvements.
Release Notes: -More visible level 0 on Fibonacci.
Release Notes: -Fixed "study error".
Release Notes: -Replaced "Golden Doji" option by an "High/Low" MTF option which is more usefull.
Release Notes: -Minor improvements.
Release Notes: -Minor Improvement.
Release Notes: -Removed Bollinger
-Removed "MA1 and MA2 Cross" alert.
-Added Fractals with alerts.

if you got an "!" sometime just click on the "👁" of the indicator to hide it and show it again. This can happens when the script take too long to display.
Release Notes: -Fractal Depth setted up to 10 by default.
Release Notes: -Removed "Range Bar Filter" TimeZone option.
-Added "Doji" option without alerts.
Release Notes: ! BIG UPDATE !

-Removed Fibonacci Panel.
-Removed Fractals (actually working on a more accurate algorithm).
-Removed Bar Color from ATR, VPT, PSAR, SuperTrend. Bar Color is now based on Trend Line. You can activate or deactivate it (deactivated by default).
-Improved Support/Resistance (more precise).
-Improved loading time (a little bit :p)
-Added Alert for Doji again.
-Bollinger is back.
-Improved Trend Line.

if you got some problem to loading it sometime you can click on the "👁" beside the indicator to hide it and reload it again.

Thank to everyone for your support ! 🙏🚀
Release Notes: -Minor Improvement.
Release Notes: ! BIG UPDATE 2 !

Today is definitely Christmas for you guys, Rain On Me is faster than ever now!

We found a way to make it more stable, clear and faster.

changelog :

-Removed "Support/Resistance" cause that was causing big lags at loading. But greet new ! You can add it in a optional plugin now !
-Added "Fractals" in plugin too !

You can find theses plugins here :

Support/Resistance Plugin : Fractals Plugin :
Release Notes: ! BIG UPDATE 3 ! 🎉

-Rain On Me V2 is now in non-repaint version !
-We separated Fibonacci + High Low + Trend Line. In fact, until now every update concerning the non repaint version will be here and the rest in the Fibonacci plugin.

So for resuming, We have 3 main indicators for Rain On Me : This one, the Support/Resistance (you can find it in the update just above) and the Fibonacci that you can find here below ;

Optionnaly, you can use the Fractals plugin too or my others indicators ;)

Also we have now more space to add new option into the non repaint and repaint part !

Like usuals, don't hesitate to ask anything or let your suggestions or bug reports.

Thank again for your support ! 🙏

Following the asking from many users, we're going back to the last stable update.
The "no repaint" version will come soon.

Thank you for your support !
Release Notes: -Bug fix into S/R.
Release Notes: -Minor Improvement.
Release Notes: -Bug Fix.
Release Notes: -More faster loading
-New Support/resistance algorithm (Support is blue, Resistance is purple).
-Removed Doji.
-Return of Fibonacci Panel.
-Minor Improvements.
Release Notes: -Bug fix.
Release Notes: -Bugs fix.
Release Notes: -Code cleaning and minor improvements.
Release Notes: Minor improvement.
Release Notes: Code cleaning.
Release Notes: -Removed High/Low Option cause it was repainting a lot.
-Fibonacci Info Panel is now Unchecked in settings by default.
Release Notes: -Minor improvements.
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Trop fort !! Aussitôt dit, aussitôt fait !! Je teste et te fais mon retour ASAP !! (As Soon As Possible pour la culture générale). Bravo. La V1 me plaisait bien déjà mais je t'ai fait le retour de quelque réserve. Merci de toujours vouloir progresser et améliorer. Belle mentalité. Car d'aucun pourra certes critiquer mais sans néanmoins réaliser que tout ce travail fastidieux est mis à disposition gratuitement !!!
+4 Reply
@Bazard, Un énorme merci à toi pour ton soutien! Ton retour sur la V1 m’a beaucoup aidé pour peaufiner cette V2! J’apprécie vraiment et j’ai hâte de connaître tes impressions sur cette nouvelle version. Toujours pour la gratuité, il faut faire perdurer l’open-source! 💪
+1 Reply
Bazard RickSimpson
@RickSimpson, Mes premières impressions dans 2 minutes en MP... Je commence le test sur les grosses TF.
+3 Reply
The memory limit is exceeded, and the lines are not displayed.
+2 Reply
It seem that everything is working fine now. TV got this seriously. Just remove and reput the indicator again. If you have any others problems don’t hesitate to tell me! Thank you!
+2 Reply
jerah310a RickSimpson
@RickSimpson, Thank you.
+1 Reply
Ok guys the problem come from TradingView not from my script. I changed anything. But I just figured out how to fix it and an update coming today. Please be patients 🙏
+2 Reply
NathanAR RickSimpson
@RickSimpson, Bless
+1 Reply
Hey man, i just recently started getting the memory error (exceeded) too many bars. It was working fine just before, is this because you are doing something with the code as of right now?
+2 Reply
byron007 NathanAR
@NathanAR, @RickSimpson same issue. it was working fine back thn.