CroSel Algo Slow

This is an adjustable algorithm. You can change the speed of the signals. However it's recommended to use this at the current setting (1 and 2).

Simply put, You will get a red light/circle to stop your bullish long trades, and you will get a green light/circle to go for your bullish long trades.

If you'd like to complicate things, you can also look for bullish breakouts of downtrends after seeing the red light. (Channel breakout tool would be helpful here)

This indicator can make & save you a lot of money. Take a look at the example I posted ( ANPC on June 18th, 2021 ). A lot of people were just hoping for it to reverse as it fell, but it continued to fall and fall. And if you had my indicator, you would have known to stop your bullish long trades during that downtrend in the middle of the day. Short sellers banked on it. This is just one example. The opposite is true for many stocks that have a very bullish day. BTBT on July 26th, 2021 had a green light/circle the entire day.

Note: If a sideways trend occurs, you might see consecutive different signals. Also feel free to the ADX signals in addition or in substitute of the slow signals.

This indicator comes with :

- Background color to give overall trend (fuschia - strong downtrend, red - weak downtrend, green - weak uptrend, lime - strong uptrend)
- VWAP (3 different appearances)
- Price-Volume Divergence
- Ichimoku Clouds
- Parabolic Stop & Reverse
- Information Panel (Useful information here - 3 different variations simple/complex/ volatility ratio)
- Candle Colors (for the location in the bands)

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If you'd like access to my indicators, feel free to contact me using the info below: e-mail: snapchat: lecrosel discord: CroSel#5103 instagram: crosel1 tradingview: photoshopking

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