Advanced RSI Helper

Here is Advanced RSI Helper. An advanced RSI represented in a candle type chart. It contains a Stochastic and a Pivot Detector ( High-Low ) and RSI divergences.

It also contains a Filter which you can configure the upper, lower zone to colorize the bars on the chart only when you are overbought or oversold, when you are in range the bars appear "transparent".

You also have the option of placing alerts for divergences or when the rsi exceeds the upper zone 1 / 2 or lower zone 1 / 2.

if you encounter any bugs do not hesitate to let me know in the comment area. The same goes for your suggestions.

Cheers and remember, risk management is the most important!
Release Notes: -Bug fix.
Release Notes: -Minor improvement.
Release Notes: -Minor improvements.
Release Notes: -Displaced the "RSI Filter Bar Color" into my other indicator "Rain On Me PRO 1/3" cause it was making conflict with it when used together.
Release Notes: -Less "flashy" Bar Color.
Release Notes: -Minor improvements.
Release Notes: -New option added "Show RSI Meter" in setting. That will help newbie to understand RSI fundamentals and can show you easily the RSI state in one look :)

Thank to all for your supports!
Release Notes: -Code cleaning and minor improvements.
Release Notes: -Minor improvement.
Release Notes: -Removed "RSI Meter" cause it need display improvement.
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best for scalping
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will try rick
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@nilanjan62, which time frame best works
RickSimpson pluckyLeopard28228
@pluckyLeopard28228, that’s depending on your strategy but for me tf15 and tf30 are actually the best for all situations