This script is the 2nd version of the BTC Deep Learning (ANN) system.
Created with the following indicators and tools:
Bollinger Bands
Guppy Exponential Moving Averages:
(3,5,8,10,12,15,30,35, 40 ,45,50,60)
Note: I was inspired by the CM Guppy Ema script.

Thank you very much to dear wroclai for his great help.
He has been a big help in the deep learning series.
That's why the licenses in this series are for both of us.
I'm sharing these series and thats the first. Stay tuned and regards!

Note : Alerts added.
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Really nice work. thanks for adding the alerts. Also like the idea on your other comment to move to LSTM :) Cant wait
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You are also a very good developer.
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Noldo AItraders
@AItraders, Thanks , but these are only basic things , but important things!
Hi @Noldo thanks for the excellent work. I've been checking all day almost all your scripts.

On this particular script what would be the best way to configure it to be able to use it as its best?

do you use the daily chart and 1minute resolution?

Also for setting up the alert you have a "Buy Signal" and a "Sell Signal", which option do you recommend using? I was trying "once per bar close" but it triggers on every there a way to make it trigger only once right when the bull trend is about to start for example? (maybe it's not possible but I wanted to double check I'm not missing something)

Again thanks a lot for all the work!
Looks great!
Can you please explain what you mean by Deep Learning and how it works in your script?
Noldo Lij_MC
@Lij_MC, Hello , you can find explainations here from my first deep learning script , and if you have a question , you can pm me . Regards :

Lij_MC Noldo
@Noldo, Thank you I will take a look
Noldo Lij_MC
@Lij_MC, simply this script finds a correlation about the indicators and the next closing and formulates it.
In this way, we will be one click closer to the future.For formulation , my first script contains mathematical explanation.
Noldo Noldo
Sorry for typo : next close
Lij_MC Noldo
@Noldo, Very Nice Indeed
Also can it only be used on BTC or can I use it on Alts or stocks etc?
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