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This is a script specifically written to help provide indicators from a macro view for ALTS. This script needs to be run on the 1 day. It helps indicate when to accumulate alts, and when its in a bull run when this a bull run top beginning to form with warnings, and a indicator that a top is in. This is described further below.

NOTE - in order to accomodate most alts the script had to be broad enough in its indicators to cover many different scenarios. If you are trading a smaller altcoin I suggest taking a more conservative approach to accumulation.

1. Why is there no accumulation zone showing up before an uptrend?
This could be because the trend has been so strong for this coin that there hasn't been a strong enough signal to accumulate or this could be that the chart doesnt have enough historical data (needs over 2 years) for the indicators to flash green.

2. Why is there no tops shown for a chart Im looking at?
This is either because there isn't enough historical data (needs over 2 years) for the indicators to build or because the altcoin didnt perform as well as the rest of the market. The altcoin has to perform as well as the market over the length of the bull run in order for the signals to show. Typically an altcoin that shows sharp increases and sharp drops shortly after will not have signals show up.

3. The "Potential End of Bull Run Top Indicator" showed up but we weren't near the top yet, why is that?
The alts indicator has to work across many altcoins, and their trends are not all the same. This can lead to the indicator showing but not necessarily being the exact top. The data from the alts macro bottom/top signals should be paired with the "TARVIS Labs bitcoin macro bottom/top signals" indicator for BTC. The reasoning is because if the top is not showing that its in for Bitcoin its likely that the altcoin's top is also not in. You should use the two in tandem to know if the bull run top is very likely in.


When we look at the general crypto landscape, the 200d & 300d EMAs are extremely useful. We can use their cross and momentum in order to determine a bottom forming. If the price has fallen over 40% below the 200 day EMA and the 200 day EMA has crossed below the 300d EMA, its a downtrend with a steep fall, which could indicate a good time to accumulate. When we see the 200 day EMA's slope drop drastically (over 5% w/w) it is also a good signal to accumulate.

Strategy for Usage
For alts, the strategy can vary drastically. You need to take into account:

1. the market cap of the altcoin, is it a smaller market cap altcoin or a larger one?
2. historical trend, does it typically trend strongly with a smaller accumulation zone?

Once you've taken these into account you can form a strategy. For example, if the altcoin has had smaller accumulation zones historically you'll want to take advantage of the accumulation zones when they pop up and be more aggressive (say a 30 day accumulation). If the altcoin has historically had longer accumulation zones then you'll want to be more conservative with your strategy and potentially have a 100 day (or even longer) accumulation period. If the altcoin is a smaller market cap alt, you will want to also take that into account. You'll want to likely be more conservative,


We can add to the bottoming signal by looking for strong downtrends inside the bottoming signal. We do this by seeing when the 36 day EMA has a slope decreasing by 2% day/day.

Strategy for Usage
These strong downtrend days can be used to add more to our accumulation strategy. We can add more on these days (ex. double what you were planning to on a typical accumulation day).


When the 100 week EMA is in a strong uptrend (4% increase w/w) we can look for significant loss of momentum in order to determine if a local top is in near a bull run top. This strategy uses a MACD with 9/36/9 config for the daily chart. We look for the signals momentum loss, when the slope becomes negative.

Strategy for Usage
Ideally the right strategy to use here is to exit the market when this indicator starts. When the indicator ends if the "Potential End of Bull Run Top Indicator" is not showing on the chart you can buy back into the market.


When the 100 week EMA is in a strong uptrend (3% increase w/w), and a MACD config of 108/234/9 has a negative signal slope signifying a very large momentum loss, but the 1d 18 EMA is still above the 1d 63 EMA we show this signal.

Strategy for Usage
This is a strong indicator that the top is in, and it potentially being the bull run top. Because alts can vary strongly in their charts, this should be a strong warning but not necessarily a certainty that the bull run is over.

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